Azraim Melabidactus

Azraim Melabidactus was born to the south of the great Lizard Lake in the Dragonborn controlled realm of De’ralm. The inhabitants of De’ralm often battle with the Lizard Folk of Drak’vol for control over the lake and in their many battles word of the neutral citadel of Tanelorn spread.

Azraim comes from a powerful magic using family known as the Melabidacti and high hopes were set for him as his birth date approached.

Dragonborn are a highly religious group as a whole and a great deal of importance is placed upon the day, hour, minute and even second of birth with the details of a young Dragonborn indicated by how the stars align at that moment.

It was the misfortune of Azraim to be born under a particularly poor set of signs and his family set him out to be exposed to the elements rather than face the shame of raising so hopeless a case. A group of Lizard Folk came across the boy as he was drifting on a small raft on the Lizard Lake and recognizes the seal upon the basket decided to take him hostage.

It quickly became apparent to the Lizard Folk that the family was not interested in having the boy back let alone paying a ransom for him. Rather than kill the highborn Dragonkin the Lizard Folk turned him over to their own Clerics to be raised in the Temple of Moko.

Moko is god of magic in the pantheon of Drak’val and the young Dragonborn showed immediate promise in the field. He spent many years first as a temple boy, then as an acolyte learning the routines of the temple and the power bestowed by Moko. As a boy of sixteen he left the safety of the temple alone for the first time and traveled to De’ralm seeking out his family, for the Lizard Folk told him the story of his origin. The Dragonborn politely greeted the lost son and treated him well enough but they made it very clear that he was not welcome to stay.

After spending a few months with his family Azraim returned to the Temple of Moko and plunged himself into everything he could learn about magic. Eventually he became the lead apprentice of the temple and on his eighteenth birthday was set out into the world to make his own way.

Azraim wandered immediately headed north to Tanelorn to learn about the Gray Lord, the Rock Lord, and the other mysterious features of the region. It is said that humankind will eventually control the world and attempt to destroy all the humanoids. Thus the Gray Lord is a potential threat not only to his own race but that of his adopted people as well.

Azraim hopes to learn as much about the Gray Lord as possible so that his people will be able to fight against the human if the circumstances call for it. In the meantime he is gathering experience as an adventurer and learning about life.

Azraim is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path.

Azraim Melabidactus

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