The main dwarf establishment in the region is at Felhelm where the Sunspite clan established a mining operation on a mountain range so old that it essentially no longer exists. They trade their iron weapons with all the warring nations and long ago established an uneasy peace with the Orcs of the Five Nations although still often battle with the Gnolls of Grelm.

An offshoot branch of the Sunspite clan of Dwarves established the small hamlet of Og’s Town north of the Low Rockies several hundred years ago. Og Fellboot and his family then slowly spread throughout the region. When the Gray Lord arrived on the scene Durin Fellboot originally viewed him as threat, as did the secretive and wary Sunspite clan, but now many of the Dwarves take the gray and serve in the armies of the lord.

The Dwarves are a shy race in many regards and do not easily mingle with the other denizens of the region and often fight skirmishes with the Orcs of the Five Nations.

An isolated dwarf or two sets up shop as a blacksmith in various towns around the area but most stocky warriors found in Tanelorn trace their origins to Felhelm or Og’s Town.


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