The region of Tanelorn is filled with druids of gray and their mistletoe symbols. The neutrality of Tanelorn brings druids from all the surrounding regions and the fields of mistletoe give further incentives to the mages.

The Gray Druids also take the Oath of Tanelorn and plant their banners on the Gray Wall. They patrol with the Gray Knights and powerful members of their organization are involved in decision making at the highest level.

Since the Rock Lord began to encroach upon Tanelorn the Gray Druids have taken a particular interest in the creature. The Rock Lord’s habit of turning normal creatures into rock monstrosities has outraged the druids who have actively campaigned the Gray Lord to attack the Petrified Forest and annihilate the Rock Lord.

Thus far the Gray Lord has resisted any attempts to push him into aggressive action although as he ages and his young son takes more interest in the affairs of Tanelorn this might change.


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