Horus Calmuck

Horus is a powerful Orc from the Five Nation tribe of Delm’ga just to the east of Tanelorn. The Delm’ga predominate tribe is that of the Bloody Berry and members of that social order tend to get favorable treatment. Sadly, Horus is from one of the less tribal factions, the Elkhorn, and did not receive proper warrior training as a young man.

Despite his lack of training Horus always wanted to be a warrior and with the help of a local elder of the Bloody Berry tribe who saw potential in the boy began to work with swords and shields when he reached his teens. This is considered far too late for a proper warrior and despite his best efforts he was not allowed to join the army or partake in any martial celebrations.

In addition to lack of military status his low born class also made marriage an almost impossibility. Young orc girls certainly favored the orc but his lack of potential made marriage to any of the high class girls a mere fantasy.

Rather than spend his days in trade learning to be a shopkeeper or some other demeaning function young Horus dreamed of becoming a heroic champion. When his benefactor died of the Purple Face disease he lost his one important contact in the world.

Horus tried to arrange for the funeral for the old orc warrior but the family refused to even acknowledge the boys existence and made certain he would not be able to attend the services.

Outraged by this slight and also realizing that his future in Delm’ga was severely limited to boy made a bold plan to steal his practice equipment from the estate of his former friend and set out for the city of Tanelorn where it is said that a man’s merits is what advances him not his birth circumstance.

With that in mind the boy stole into the house during the funeral and gathered up what he equipment he could find. Sadly, an elderly housekeeper returned early to prepare for the funeral banquet and caught young Horus with his arms full of equipment. The housekeeper immediately sounded the alarm and Horus was forced to flee leaving behind almost everything except an old iron sword and a badly ripped set of chain mail.

Horus fled west to Tanelorn just ahead of a warrant for his arrest and execution. He arrived in the Gray City only a few days ago and has already spent most of the money he managed to accumulate over his years working in Delm’ga. He is constantly looking over his shoulder to see of marshals of the orc nation will come to Tanelorn seeking his arrest although there is, yet, no sign of such an event.

He hopes to find adventure in the Gray City and make a name for himself in the years to come hoping that if he becomes a popular hero his theft will be a thing of the past.

Horus is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path

Horus Calmuck

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