Josephus Sunspite

The region of Tanelorn is home to only a single Dwarf population in the stronghold of Felhelm. The rolling hills of the northern plains of Corland are noted for a distinct lack of mountains and where there are no mountains it is unlikely to find members of the mining race.

Sometime in the distant past a group of Dwarfs of the Sunspite and Darkiron clans moved out from their ancient home in the secrete dwarf citadel of Craggen Steep and wandered over the northern lands only stopping when they reached the area now known as Tanelorn.

The leaders of the clan found an apparently rich vein of ore in a mountain range so ancient there was visibly nothing of it remained above the surface. This didn’t stop clans Sunspite and Darkiron from digging and soon they created an elaborate series of tunnels leading far below the surface and producing at least mid level quality ore.

The Gnoll and Orc of the region initially resisted this incursion but the dwarves proved ready and able to trade weapons forged from the iron and soon enough the fort of Felhelm stood proudly on the plains.

Josephus Sunspite was born twenty years ago into a smaller branch of the family tree and was quickly indoctrinated into the mining tradition as are most children. The boy showed a particular talent with magic and healing magic neither of which the dwarves are expert practitioners of in general.

When Josephus finished his childhood junior apprenticeship in the mines he was given over to a Gray Knight healer who had taken up residence in Felhelm years before. He deferred his journeyman mining years so that he could learn from this foreigner.

The dwarves worship a number of Gods with Davim the Fist being the most militaristic. Josephus rebelled against the idea of staying in the mines and healing those who were wounded in the frequent accidents hoping to get out and adventure in the real world.

At the age of twenty-two years Josephus made his plans and with the help of his mentor stole away from Felhelm under the cover of darkness. With few possessions, including his Holy Symbol, he headed west towards Tanelorn where he knew that fighting clerics were always needed.

It is likely that if he ever returns to the dwarf citadel he will be impressed to complete his journeymen duties as a miner. It is his hope to make such a name for himself as an adventurer that he will be invited to Take the Gray and become a knight of Tanelorn.

In the process of this it is required that you forsake all other national vows and this would release him from his promised duties at the mines.

In the meantime he plans on steering clear of Felhelm for the next few years.

Josephus is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path

Josephus Sunspite

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