The most common fighters in the region are men and women who have taken the gray and now serve the Gray Lord. The Gray Lord’s oaths do not demand loyalty but most who have said the words take their job seriously and love Tanelorn as if it was their original home.

A number of people have taken the oath for the purpose of infiltrating Tanelorn and learning its secrets but the lack of hidden agendas and the straightforward purpose of the Gray Lord often leave them as devotees to the cause.

The Taking of the Gray is a simple ceremony where a warrior renounces all previous oaths and hands over a symbol of their previous loyalties. This often takes the form of a banner which is then placed on the Gray Wall as a symbol of the idea that Tanelorn is a city where loyalties are made on a personal level and not to nations.

The Gray Knights are largely military personnel and make a formidable force when met on the battlefield. Leaders are chosen by ability and political connections play no part in the process. While the army has never engaged in a aggressive campaign or even crossed into the territories of any enemy they can be roused, armed, and delivered to any point in the nation within a few hours.

So far they have repelled every attack against Tanelorn inflicting staggering losses on their enemies. Patrols of knights regular ride through the region ready to send out an alert if an aggressive move is spotted.


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