Logan Smithson

To the north of Tanelorn lie the wastes of ice and snow where only wild barbarians survive. No civilized man lives this far north and the tribes of the region are not noted for their hospitality to strangers. It is a rare winter that goes by without at least one or another of the northern tribes attacking Tanelorn, Grelm, or even the domain of the Rock Lord.

Since these raids are expected the areas of northern Tanelorn are well defended particularly in the cold months when the tribesmen prefer to do their raiding. It was on one of these raids that young Logan Smithson, a boy of fifteen, tested his mettle in battle for the first time.

Logan attack with his tribe against a group of Gray Knights and gained his first kill against a druid wearing the gray armor with the Mistletoe Banner. Logan took the shield from his foe as a token of esteem and continued to use it over the next winters.

At seventeen years of age Logan was already a powerful warrior capable of surviving alone in the wilderness and, having climbed to the top of the mighty fir tree that is worshipped as a god by his people, was declared a man.

Shortly after this he forcefully took the daughter of another clans chieftain by stealing into their encampment and spiriting the girl away.

For this heroic deed he declared a young hero and allowed to have his own tent in the nomadic village. Nine months after this great triumph his wife died in childbirth and the resulting issue was a deformed monstrosity.

This terrible omen frightened both he and his tribe and the young warrior was driven out into the unforgiving cold by the shamans. Logan attempted to live off the land but was ambushed by a group of warriors from a rival tribe and left to die on an ice flow.

A group of Gray Knights happened upon him as he lay dying and noted the Mistletoe Shield still grasped firmly in his hands.

They revived the boy and brought him back to Tanelorn City. He barely survived the long journey and only through the skills of Clerics of the Gray did he come out alive.

Logan is convinced his spirit is tainted from some horrible misdeed of his ancestors and has vowed to never marry or even be with a woman until he can remove the stain.

The great Ice Queen Noose is commonly worshipped by the Northmen as a goddess of winter and Logan has promised himself to her if she will help deliver him from the curse.

The Gray Knights who rescued Logan took the shield as payment for their efforts and the boy has nothing to live on and is overwhelmed by the closeness of the city. He must somehow find a way to remove the terrible curse upon his name so that he can return to his tribe with his honor intact.

Logan is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path

Logan Smithson

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