Misrael al Halladun

Far to the south of Tanelorn lies the great City in the Sand, Tarlton, where its Clerics turn the briny water of the ocean into drinkable liquids and in exchange expect only the undying loyalty of the people. Once outside the great city walls in the desert known as The Sands, tribes of nomads roam unhindered and unchanged for thousands of years.

It was to one of these tribes that Misrael Al Halladun was born some sixteen years ago. Whatever tribe it was is something the boy does not know because he was captured and enslaved by the Nomads of the Golden Worm, a magic using caste both secretive and powerful.

As a young slave to the Golden Worm tribe Misrael was subject to death for even the most minor offense and toiled away in the underground mining operations doing jobs where the small hands of children were most useful.

After working away and surviving the mines, no small feat, Misrael was promoted to kitchen duty at the age of thirteen when he grew too large for his standard job. In the kitchen he met with many others slaves of the Golden Worm and in particular an old witch woman who knew many secrets of a magical nature.

When the Golden Worm masters were not paying attention the old woman taught Misrael the secrets of magic and over the next few years he showed an amazing aptitude for it. By the time he was sixteen years old he was something a prodigy in the slave ranks casting spells to help ease the terrible burden suffered under the demanding and inhumane Golden Worm masters.

Eventually the secret of his magic leaked out and the Golden Worm nomads pulled him from the kitchen and put him to work with various artifacts from the ancient empire whose secrets were locked away.

Another year went by and Misrael survived the ancient traps and wards only through sheer luck. Just four weeks ago the ancient master of the Golden Worms, a terrible man who soaked nightly in the blood of slave children, summoned Misrael to his private chamber where a large stone taken from some hidden circle deep beneath the earth awaited examination.

Misrael was told learn its secrets while the old master along with powerful guards watched him do his work. Misrael felt the terrible power of the stone even before he began to examine it but there was nothing to do except obey the masters.

While pouring over its face he triggered one of its ancient magical powers and in an instant found himself lying in a field of mistletoe surrounded by sunshine. Soon a farmer found him and through hand signals they eventually understood one another. Since then Misrael has been learning the strange language of Tanelorn and realizing that for the first time in his young life he is free to do as he pleases.

Now it is a matter of deciding exactly what pleases him.

Misrael is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path

Misrael al Halladun

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