In a sea of blood, Tanelorn stands out as a bastion of calm and contemplation amidst a storm of death and violence. The Gray Lord] established the neutral city almost fifty years ago after a short but legendary career as an adventurer.

Since that time weary adventurers, spurned lovers, jaded soldiers, and many others have made their way to Tanelorn where they have little to offer except peace of mind.

“Tanelorn has few luxuries to offer other than peace of mind. Some have found that allure enough and perhaps you might be among those so inclined,” is the offer traveling Knights of Gray offer to companions they think might be of like mind.

The Girl in Glass begins at the low walls of Tanelorn where a thousand banners flutter in testament to soldiers who handed them over for the simple Cloak of Gray. A short ceremony, a few words, the planting of a new banner, and the donning of a cloak is all that is required to Take the Gray.

It is at such a ceremony where a strange and seemingly minor event plunges the Gray City into turmoil and a group of young adventurers into a series of events that threaten the world. The Girl in Glass is an eighteen part Adventure Path designed for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.


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