Rambleton Hilltopple

Halflings play an important role in the economy of Tanelorn nowhere more so than that town of Hop Hillover located in the heart of the Five Nations. The Halflings have coexisted with the more warlike orc nation for more than a century and benefit largely from the protection provided by the Five Nations.

The Halflings of Hop Hillover provide a number of services for the Orcs of the Five Nations and more recently the Gray Lord of Tanelorn. They are well known as the masters of the baked goods and traveling Halflings are often found peddling their wares from one side of the realm to the other. In addition they often join adventuring parties as rogues as it is well known they and Goblins are specially sized for such duties.

Rambleton Hilltopple comes from a prominent Halfling family with roots that trace back perhaps a thousand years and probably beyond. The Hilltopples are notorious for being a wanderlust family and Rambleton was no exception. He showed an early bent towards adventure when he ran away from home at the age of ten and was found by an orc patrol almost fifty miles away three days later.

Rambleton served as an apprentice baker after that but never relinquished his dream of becoming an adventurer and spent all of his free time soliciting advice from Halflings who had trod that path before him.

Rambleton planned to head off to a life of adventure at the age of eighteen but was curtailed by the death of his father at the hands of Gnoll raiders. For the next three years the young Halfling stayed home and took care of family matters until his younger brother, Hambleton, could take over the family business. Young Hambleton showed a better Halfling hand at financial matters and less of an interest in the wild nature of his ancestors.

So, it was just a week ago that Rambleton decided that his brother was capable of handling the family business the older brother set off to see the world.

The first order of business was to visit the site at which his father was killed by Gnoll raiders and after a suitable honor was done Rambleton headed towards Tanelorn hoping to find an adventuring party to join up with.

Rambleton has been in town for two days and is looking forward to learning more about the Gray Lord and his realm. In the Five Nations there is still a general distrust of the Lord of Gray and the Halflings, surrounded as they are, must rely on the orcs for most of their news.

In his one week in Tanelorn City it has already become clear that much of what Rambleton learned of the Gray Lord is at least partially false.

At issue is also the well known fact that someday humans will rise up and attempt to kill all the humanoid races. If the Gray Lord every tries something like that it would be well for the Halflings to be prepared.

Rambleton is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path

Rambleton Hilltopple

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