Rhia Buffalorider

The life of a young girl in Elekargul is well delineated in that knightly society. She is to attend to her mother until the age of ten and then prepare for marriage to a Freerider Knight and spend her days bearing children.

The Freeriders allow even common born boys to become Knights if they show courage in the face an enemy but only girls are allowed entry into the order if they suffer from the Scarlet Face Fever which leaves them barren.

Rhia knew she wanted to be a knight from the time she was five years old and watched her heroic father ride off to war against the enemies of Elekargul. Anytime she heard about an outbreak of Scarlet Face Fever she immediately went to offer nursing services but never managed to contract the dreaded disease.

When she was ten years old she took the name of Rhia Quick signifying the end of her childhood and the beginning of her preparations to enter into the realm of being an adult. While her mother and aunts tried to teach her sewing, singing, and dance Rhia snuck out each night to practice with the sword and shield.

Four years later her mother pronounced her ready to be renamed Rhia Speed signaling her eligibility for marriage. The half orc girl was tall and strong and her own mother had six children making Rhia an attractive choice for many young knights ready to start a family.

Wishing to head off this disaster young Rhia packed her bags, stole what valuables she could from the family and rode to Doria and caught a ship heading north. She had heard the tales of Tanelorn where anyone, male or female, could become a knight as long as they proved valorous.

One thing Rhia quickly learned was that she did not like sea travel and the next three months were a living hell as the ship traveled north to Sea’cra. In addition to constant seasickness was the ever looming threat of violence from a crew that eyed the young half-orc girl with menace. Only the captain, an honorable old sailor from a nation near Sea’cra named Cawl, saved her from a terrible fate.

After arriving at Sea’cra she was dismayed to find that Tanelorn was still over four thousand miles to the west. There was no way a fourteen year old girl could travel that distance in the wild continental interior and survive.

Undaunted she took up with a traveling caravan and spent six months over the bleak landscape traveling about half the distance. Then disaster struck and bandits wiped out the caravan. Rhia fought them off as best she could but was about to fall when horsemen came to the rescue.

These turned out to be members of the famed Archaos Traveling Circus and Menagerie. Petrof Travellar and his band took in the girl and one other surviving member of the caravan.

The circus was heading west and Tanelorn was on their agenda but they were a slow moving band and would not be arriving for years.

In the ensuing time Rhia took on the name Buffalorider and claimed to be a Freerider knight despite never have earned that honor. She also learned much about the circus and the ways of the world.

Over two years later they finally arrived in Tanelorn and after tearful farewells the girl found herself alone once again.

Rhia is a PC in the Girl in Glass Adventure Path

Rhia Buffalorider

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