The Blue Hills

Point of View: Josephus Sunspite

After cleaning the Gnoll blood from my hammer I watched the other members of our little Battle Clan to see how they reacted to the victory.

The diminutive Hobbit, Rambledon, seemed elated and even kicked one of the dead Gnolls. I suspect there might be some history there but, as Davim says, “time will out”. The orc girl, Rhia battled hard and well and seemed not all disturbed by the gore. The full blooded orc boy Horusseems solid and soldierly despite his obvious awkwardness in armor. He might not be classically trained but the boy can fight. The little Tiefling kid Misrael with his Spirit Fox proved quite adept and I shall enjoy working with him indeed. Azraim seems competent as well although I’ve heard that the Dragonborn are not to be trusted.

We sold our treasure to the owner of the post, Grimbold by name, at a decent price and the fellow seemed eager to curry favor with Captain Massasa of the Guard. He is likely playing both sides of the fence but you can’t kill a merchant for that!

With the directions provided by Grimbold we headed into the Blue Hills in hopes of finding the Gnoll bandits. We traveled for about two hours up a well hewn trail that presumable led to the tower at the apex of the hill and then turned down as side pass as directed by the Gnoll merchant.

Little Rambledon scouted out ahead and spotted a Gnoll in front of a small cave with a wolf at its side. I was somewhat surprised that Grimbold gave us completely accurate information but I suppose the reach of the Captain of the Guard is both long and powerful. The sleepy eyed Lizard Man captain didn’t give me the impression of being particularly competent but perhaps that was a façade. In any case, I will have to give some thought to the subject tonight in my prayers to Mighty Davim.

Misrael unleashed his Spirit Fox on the guards to distract them while the rest of us charged forward in battle. Horus again proved invaluable at the front absorbing heavy blows which I then healed from my place in the rear and managed to contribute a few strikes myself. We blocked the exit and our foes piled up trying to get at us while Horus and Rhia struck them down easily one by one. They showed no discipline but that is not a surprise as Gnolls rarely do. By Davim, I was surprised the beasts didn’t start attacking one another in the back ranks while waiting for a crack at us.

The battle went quickly and we slew most of the Gnolls although a few proved to be still breathing at the end of the fight and I used my healing knowledge to staunch their wounds so that we might interrogate them.

We searched their little cave which proved well ordered and found several kegs with a strange downward facing dagger burn mark on them. Upon questioning the furry blighters we learned that they were working for someone named Dremos who was camped out a bit further up in the hills. Rhia proved most diplomatic with the beasts and even managed to coax out their allies exact location.

We took the prisoners and out treasure back to Tanelorn City and dropped them off at the Militia Headquarters. The captain was not in nor was the orc with the burn mark on his face but some other fellows took the prisoners off our hands.

Next we all debated if going back to try and roust this Dremos was advisable as we wouldn’t have a lot of time before dark but it was decided to make the effort in case they found out about the demise of their Gnollish allies.

The directions provided by the Gnolls proved excellent and Rambledon scouted ahead as before this time noting a half breed orc mercenary lackadaisically guarding the entrance to a cavern. I could smell the place even before we arrived as the brutes apparently can’t be bothered to take care of their sanitary business more than a few yards from the cave mouth. Disgusting.

We repeated the tactics of the Gnoll cave but the mixed breed warriors inside proved more organized than their former allies. We could hear someone, presumably this Dremos, calling out orders and telling them to form up and prepare to repel attackers.

This didn’t stop bull headed Horus from charging forward followed by Rhia and then Azraim. I hung back for a moment to let them establish a position and then joined in the battle. The half-breeds proved a more tenacious foe standing shield to shield and fighting with discipline. Dremos himself, also a half-breed, swung a heavy battle axe and all but cleaved Rhia in two with a well timed strike.

Misrael cast some sort of a spell on the leader of our foes that pushed him into a position where Rhia, Horus, and Azraim could all attack.

I tossed some healing to Rhia and with all the front line focusing attacks on the leader he quickly went down. The others immediately surrendered with Dremos dead.

I managed to bind Dremos’s wounds and save his life leaving the gate guard as the single death during the assault. We then began to search the place and Azraim found a note in a back room that probably belonged to the leader. This missive came from someone named Hestwing. He mentioned some Apple Cider in the note and there were two fresh kegs of it in the cave, barely tapped. They bore the mark of a place called the Golden Apple and I’m certain that I’ve heard of it. It’s somewhere in Tanelorn city if I’m not very much mistaken. There seems to be some sort of conspiracy to overthrow the Gray Lord.

It’s dark now and I’m guarding the prisoners with Misrael and his little fox spirit. In the morning we shall take them down to the city and see what Captain Massasa has to say.


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