Fine Dining

Point of View Azraim Melabidactus


We got invited to some fancy place for dinner because of what we did in during the uproar at the ceremony of gray. All the others went about shopping for clothes but I figure if they don’t like me the way I am then they shouldn’t have invited me for dinner.

We got picked up by a fancy coach and Misrael got into a long conversation with the coachman about buying horses or something. All I can say is that I didn’t eat all day and they better serve some good grub.

When we got there it was nice enough but we got seated in some lecture hall and had to listen to this annoying little goblin natter on and on about stone ruins. It seemed like it was going to last forever and my stomach was growling so loudly I can’t believe they didn’t come over and offer me some food. They did give me a glass of wine that was red, thick, and bitter. I managed to get the footman to bring me a beer and that made things only just tolerable.

After the boring goblin finally stopped talking some old guy got up and introduced all of us and said something about going on a mission to find the apparition girl.

Then, finally, dinner was served. Everyone else was talking with all the other guests trying to figure out what this mission they wanted us to go on might be about but I kept my focus on the food. They started with a hot soup made with potatoes and leeks that was delicious. I took two bowls myself. Next came a series of main courses include a big flank steak, some turkey, a bit of ham, and lots of fresh vegetables. I managed to put a good dint in everything but all the conversation going on around me kept it from being a perfect meal.

There was that boring little goblin who kept telling stories about his travels. I think I overheard Misrael ask him if he thought the stone circles were related to the apparition girl. I can’t remember exactly what he said but he did seem to think there might be a connection.

There was a pretty elf girl with long red hair and she spent a lot of time talking with Rhia about all sorts of girly nonsense. I got the impression she thought she was somehow related to the apparition girl who was the daughter of the emperor or something like that.

Across from me was an old guy who didn’t eat much so I figure he has about one foot in the grave. He said something about the apparition girl being only a few hundred years old and a Dorian. He thought everyone was crazy for thinking she was related to the old empire. I doubt he can be trusted as his taste in food is clearly faulty.

There was another half-breed goblin type at the table who had the most annoying high pitched speaking voice I’ve ever heard. I thought he was a girl until I looked closely. He got very drunk and kept talking about how the apparition girl was dangerous.

A human Gray Knight seemed to agree with the goblin in that the girl is dangerous for some reason.

Finally there was the old fart that hosted the whole dinner and he finally got to the point just as a dessert was served. I was hoping for pie and was not disappointed. There was an apple pie and a blueberry pie and I took a slice of each and some of the cake and pastries and a bunch sugared fruit as well. I missed a lot of what the old guy said but he seemed convinced the apparition girl was in fact the same girl who has appeared in the stone circles many times over the ages despite some unusual differences in this appearance. Misrael asked some questions but the old guy stopped answering saying it was up to us to find out more. Useless old fart.

After dinner, I managed to put a few rolls in my pocket along with half of the leftover ham, the coachman took us back home and I slept with a full belly.

Strange Fellow

The next morning we went into the Green Hills to find some stone circle where the apparition girl apparently once appeared years ago. It doesn’t sound like much of a clue to me but I heard there were strange beasts in the hills and a chance to breathe lightning on a foe has been denied to me for all too long.

We met up with a crazy fellow on our first day of travel out to the hills. He is a human from the north and apparently touched in the head. He kept shouting out warnings about eagles even though the sky was clear of anything dangerous. He shouted out “Thunderbolts of the All Father” to just about any question anyone asked him. He served us a meal of goat and scrub vegetables but after the dinner last night it disappointed in every respect. We left in the morning and didn’t bother to look back.

Green Hills

We got to the hills about mid afternoon of the next day and they proved as treacherous as advertised. The only way in was through game trails and there were thorns and itching plants everywhere. After a couple of hours of this kind of travel we were all irritable and tired but then some strange plant creatures and spiders launched an attack on us!

Now, this was good fun. I managed to lance one of them with a lightning bolt and I think I cursed the entire enemy camp before the battle was finished. With Horus and Josephus still sick and not with us it fell on Rhia to do most of the front line combat while little Rambledon and I sniped from the rear. Misreal’s Spirit Fox held off a number of them and proved to be almost invulnerable to their attacks.

Things were going fairly well but then Rhia suddenly took a heavy blow and went down. Luckily she managed to kill the leader of the plant things just before she fell. After that I killed another one as did Rambledon and we finished off the last one before going to make sure Rhia was all right. She looked a bit beaten but managed to get back up after a short respite. We searched the things and Rambledon took some poison sacks from the spiders but there was little else of value.


As we finished our search a little fey creature of some kind popped up and thanked us for killing the plant things. He introduced himself as Urlafarlamon and said he lived in the Green Hills and battled the little stick thing constantly. He offered us dinner and as we were all exhausted we agreed.

He gave us some excellent salves for the itching plants and offered to guide us to the stone circle in the morning. He served a plentiful meal of fruits, nuts, and vegetables that was good as far as it goes but I’m a meat eater and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others.

He did mention that he a wolf like creature recently appeared in the woods and he was frightened by it. The others seemed to think it would be a good idea to find and destroy the creature and I can’t say that I wouldn’t enjoy a good scrap.

The little fey fellow said the creature suddenly appeared in the wood a little over a week ago and has been gathering wolf allies every since.


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