Pretty Face

Point of View: Rambledon Hilltopple

The Big Wolf

After spending a pleasant evening with Urlafarlamon we woke up the next morning to find yet another feast of woodland bounty ready for the eating. The little fey fellow provided fresh berries and cream aplenty and it was decided unanimously that we should help the little fellow by trying to kill the wolf creature that caused him troubles.

Urlafarlamon pointed us to the den of the creature although seemed terrified to confront it himself. We moved forward but the keen scent of the beast along with several coyote allies removed any chance of surprising the foe.

Horus and Rhia rushed forward to take on the beast while the rest of moved in behind with missile and magical attacks. The terrible thing looked like a cross between a Gnoll and a wolf and gave out a frightening laugh that seemed to shake both of our two warriors. We dispatched the coyotes without difficulty but the great beast had an acidic bite that badly damaged Horus although the Orc battled on. Eventually we dispatched the awful creature.

Misrael began to scout about the area and found that the creature was clawing at a nearby tree and left marks that resembled a person sleeping in a coffin. We all immediately thought of the Girl in Glass and when we returned to Urlafarlamon he confirmed that the wolf showed up almost at the exact same moment as the girl appeared in Tanelorn City during the ceremony.

The Stone Ruin and Clearing

Our fey friend then took us to the clearing and ruin where supposedly the Apparition once appeared. The place was devoid of any useful information although Misrael found a gold medallion often worn by Gnoll soldiers in the grass nearby. It was untarnished and indicates recent activity from the creatures.

We waited around for a few days and eventually a group of silly girls from Tanelorn came along and laid down some offerings for the girl. They are all under the impression that she is the future Empress of a new Empire and that by giving her things they gain favor. After this there didn’t seem to be anything else to do, so we returned to the city and reported our findings to Madragus. He didn’t seemed surprised that we found nothing and told us he would be in touch.


We then decided to stop by the Militia Headquarters to check on little Ashmia who we rescued from the Golden Apple previously. The Lizardman captain immediately called us into his office and told us to look for an Eladrin girl named Denia at the north gates in a coach drawn by two blue horses in the morning. He wanted us to follow her and see what she was up to. He gave us a note signed by none other than Valarie Gray!

We thought about purchasing some horses but the captain suggested that Denia would not be going far so we decided against it.

In the morning we spotted the coach easily enough with its two sky blue horses and outstanding beauty. I can see why the captain didn’t think she was going far as the coach is not built for rugged travel. I managed to jump on the back without being spotted and the rest of the group followed behind.

She only traveled for about a mile when she stopped and headed up into the hills outside of town. At that point a group of thugs appeared all around her and after a short argument attacked the girl!

We all rushed forward to help but things looked desperate for while as our foes ganged up and did serious damage to Denia. Eventually we managed to put down the leaders of the attackers and capture one of the thugs.

Upon questioning him he claimed that the leader types, now dead, were hired by an Orc to ambush and harass Denia. The leader type was up the road in a campsite not far away.

The Kidnapper’s Camp

After a short respite where we helped Denia with her grievous injuries I scouted ahead up the hill. There was indeed a camp with a Gnoll and an Orc soldier along with a group of hireling with guard dogs. Despite my efforts of being downwind one of the dogs got a scent of me and our foes came forward.

Horus pretended to be returning ruffians with the captured girl and this threw our attackers off balance for a moment. Rhia and Horus rushed forward to attack the Gnoll and the big orc fellow while the rest of us sniped from range.

The orc blew a whistle and all the dogs immediately rushed to him and attacked Rhia doing severe damage. Meanwhile the Gnoll gave off a terrible laugh that caused an uncontrollable fear to race down my spine.

With Denia’s help we eventually managed to put down the Orc and this scattered the dogs at which point the Gnoll surrendered. Upon searching the region we found a journal written by the Gnoll that seemed to indicate he wasn’t really involved in the actions taken by the Beastmaster Orc. So, we decided to let him go on his way.

Denia then explained what was really going on and told us that Hestwing is the leader of the Plunging Blade cult which has a sister organization in the Five Nations called the Poison Fang Guild. She explained where the Plunging Blade Cult meets in Tanelorn City, a placed called the Egg and Yolk, and I think the plan is to go there and try and gather incriminating evidence against them.


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