Breaking the Cult

Point of View – Rhia Buffalorider

Return to the City

After we let the Gnoll go on his way we returned to the coach with the blue horses and decided to head back into Tanelorn City. I must admit that Denia battled fairly well despite her the impression her beauty and the vanity of having such a coach implies.

I’m not sure I completely believe her story about changing alliances to the gray but she has all the boys wrapped around her little finger. Little Misrael turns bright red whenever she glances at him. Misreal and Josephus, the drool actually visible on their lips, assured her they would do everything they could to make certain her conversion is looked at in a good light by the authorities. Denia offered us a ride back in her coach and the Dwarf Cleric actually refused deciding to walk back to town but Rambledon, Misreal, and even dim witted Azraim clambered in and I had no choice but to follow or the Eladrin Knight of Gray would have completely owned the boys by the end of the trip.

Back in town she dropped us off at the gate and we reported our findings to Captain Massasa of the militia. He seemed pleased with our work and suggested a midnight visit to the Egg and Yolk. The new moon was still a week off so we settled in to wait.

H5. The Egg and Yolk

The delay seemed interminable but eventually the night of the ceremony arrived and we all bustled over to the Egg and Yolk to await the arrivals.

The owner of the place, a pudgy man with some dwarf blood, locked up like usual but stayed inside while his wife and daughter left. We then waited for evening to set in. The first new arrival was the elf boy who was involved with the initial attack at the Gray Wall and was with Hestwing at the Golden Apple.

One of Hestwing’s bodyguard, than goodness not the fearsome Adusko arrived next followed shortly by the daughter of the owner with a human looking young man and several trays of food and drink. Next came an orc fellow whom none of us recognized and then Hestwing and the second elf boy who is apparently the twin of the first.

Little Rambledon then moved forward and climbed into a window and the rest of us moved forward. Apparently the denizens setup an undead alarm system because before you could say “watch out” Rambledon was embroiled in combat with several skeletons wielding fireplace pokers.

We all followed the hobbit into the window and began to battle the creatures. The skeletons were not much in the way of opponents but apparently the noise alerted everyone else in the basement and they came piling out. Hestwing’s bodyguard proved a fearsome foe and the elf boys were adept with the bow. The young human fellow who entered with the daughter shouted out “For the Gray” and “out foul robbers” during the battle. He hit me a heavy blow but I turned on him and replied with a devastating two handed smash that sent him reeling.

Little Rambledon was badly hurt as our foes came from both directions at the same time. Luckily Josephus rushed over from the other side of the room and cast spells to heal both the rogue and myself. After this the battle turned and we quickly knocked out our foes.

By the time the fight finished, the owner, his wife and daughter, and Hestwing escaped out the back. We then headed into the basement and found some evidence including a book of rituals and a note from this fellow Trucify.

H5. Cleaning Up

We were all concerned that our actions might be misconstrued by the authorities as a robbery attempt and decided to leave well enough alone. Josephus quickly bandaged all of the downed warriors and it turned they were all still breathing. We then got out of there as quickly as possible. I don’t think Hestwing and his band will report the attack and even if they do the captain of the town militia gave us permission in the first place.

We went back to the militia headquarters that night and slept on the benches waiting for the captain to arrive in the morning.

He agreed with our assessment that Hestwing and his companions might well target us for attack in the future and suggested a visit to the Five Nations and in particular the Weeping Spider Inn in Lelda’ga.

H5. A Trip East

We decided to purchase some horses for the trip and went back to the Gray Stallion to make our purchases. After talking with a number of people it was decided to purchase Pottok ponies as they are quite hearty breed. We also came to the conclusion that bartering with the [[Tormus-Whitson|son]] of the owner afforded us our best chance of getting a good deal.

In our negotiations with the half-wit it became painfully apparent he has little in the way of good sense and his horse knowledge is woeful despite being raised at a stable. I’m afraid I let my annoyance with his ignorance show through and he got a little huffy. I went off to talk with his sister while the rest of the group bartered for the ponies.

After we finished up with negotiations we took our leave of Tanelorn City and headed east. We traveled without molestation for several days the pony proving their worth as sturdy mounts indeed and came across a large creek late on the third day. As we were looking for a place to cross an old prospector spotted us and showed us a good ford.

The old fellow turned out to be named Uncle Asa and he invited us to join him for dinner at his home. He was a decent codger and reminded me of the captain who watched out for me during my sea voyage north.

As we sat around the campfire enjoying a delicious repast we told stories or our adventures and when we mentioned the strange apparition the old fellow got quite excited. He claimed to have actually seen the Girl in Glass some fifteen years ago at a stone ruin to the north. He described her as a beautiful girl sleeping in a glass coffin confirming the standard story. He seemed puzzled by her appearance outside of the casing and awake but didn’t have any useful suggestions as to its import.

We tucked ourselves into a bed rolls in front of the slowly dying fire and awaited the events of the morning.


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