Story Time

Point of View – Azraim Melabidactus

Into the City

The old fart Uncle Asa served us a hearty breakfast of sausages and eggs before sending us on our way. He’s not a bad fellow considering he is about a million years old and all. His stories didn’t ramble too much like most ancient people and I have to admit I rather liked him.

We headed off in the morning towards the Orc city of Lelda’ga and traveled for two more days before arriving. To call the place is a city is a bit of an exaggeration as it is more of a large, walled, village. The gate guard suggested we stay at a place called the Moonlight Starling that is nearby and we checked the place out finding it not half bad for an orc joint.

A Night at the Starling

We got a couple of rooms and cleaned up a bit before heading down to the bar for dinner. A family with the tribal name Fightingjay owns and operates the place. The father is an orc but the mother is a goblin and their four kids are half-breeds. The oldest is a powerful boy who tends the bar with, I must admit, great skill. The older daughter is a bit crazy with spiky hair and a bit of an attitude. She and Rhia seemed to hit it off pretty well and spent a lot of time talking. The middle girl seemed a pretty nice sort and the little one spent most of her time hugging a dolly.

There was a dumb looking kid mopping up and I tried to talk with him but all he seemed interested in was some stupid rock one of the girls gave him. Rambledon spent some time talking with the son at the bar and Misrael talked to some blind guy most of the night. There was a big guy who looked like a knight and his squire sitting by the fire. Rhia spent a long time talking with the squire who was an Orc with blonde hair and blue eyes and all the girls kept walking past him although I can’t really figure out why. He’s just a stupid squire.

After dinner they innkeeper invited every new guest to tell a story and the inn really filled up with all sorts of people. I guess this is a big deal in town to hear the tales of adventurers who stay at the Moonlight Starling. Rhia got up first and told the really, really, really boring story about how she grew up way down south and traveled on a boat and was saved by a nice captain and the stupid circus. I’ve only heard it about eight times now, yawn. But, the people all seemed to like it and the stupid squire cheered the loudest.

Next up was Rambledon and he his story was even more boring about how his stupid brother took over the family business or something. For some reason the crowd really loved it and cheered wildly. Orcs are strange I guess. Then came Misrael and he told a story about working in the kitchen as a taster or something really hideously boring. I can’t even remember what he said and I might have fallen asleep at one point. Anyway, the gathered people gave him a courtesy cheer.

Finally, it was my turn. I didn’t plan on going up at all but at the last moment decided to tell them all my sad story about being born under terrible auspices and being banished from my tribe and being alone and miserable my whole life. I figured they could use with a dose of reality. Surprisingly, my story seemed to touch a few people in the audience and I saw some tears. The youngest Fightingjay girl came up and offered me her dolly which was kinda sweet when you think about it but also really embarrassing.

They decided the stupid hobbit’s story was the best for reasons I will never understand and gave him free room and board for the week.

In Town

The next morning we set out into the city looking for Trucify and the Weeping Spider Inn. Everyone said the Weeping Spider was in the south part of town that was dangerous to non-orcs and Horus was so drunk from yesterday that he couldn’t be roused. So, Rhia set out by herself and we decided to circle around outside of town to the south gates and enter from there.

The south part of town is a total disaster of squalor and poverty and we hadn’t gone far when an orc boy ran up to us and threw a bag at Rambledon and told us to meet him in a nearby alley later. We then went by the Weeping Spider which turned out to be a disgusting inn below what the others called a brothel although I’m not sure what that means.

We then examined the little pouch and found a small pile of badly cut gemstones. I wasn’t sure the things weren’t just paste but we decided to head back to the alley to meet the boy. He told us to keep the gems and give him 500 silver coins. This was obviously way too high and Rambledon offered him 50 silvers for the gems and some information. The little rogue told us the password to the Weeping Spider, “Virtue” and Rambledon gave him another fifty and sent him on his way.

On the way back to the Moonlight Starling a group of drunken orcs attacked us and I killed about ten of them with my lightning breath! Now, that’s what I call fun.

Uthar Tuskbearer

When we got back to the inn a big orc with boar tusks all over his armor called us aside and said he had some information for us. He said he heard that we were asking about the Weeping Spider and Trucify. The orc claimed that he hated Trucify but that the old orc was too infirmed to attack honorably. Uthar said that Trucify has an adopted son named Galbor Indrego whose girlfriend, Tala Redshoe runs messages for him. He suggested following or otherwise figuring out what is in those notes. Uthar claimed that Trucify has a farm where he raises his adopted children a few days south of here and we might look into that as well.

The Farm

We decided to head to the farm and see what we can find because we’re all bored in town. We gathered up the ponies and rode out the next morning. We traveled for a couple of days and were somewhere in the right region but there are a million farms and stuff and figuring out which is the right one is going to be difficult.

While we were struggling with this problem a little hobbit merchant rode up on his pony and offered us food and drink, including pies! Naturally we stopped to take him up on the offer. Maybe he knows where Trucify has his farm.


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