Point of View – Horus Calmuck

The Farmhouse

I tried to lay low in Lelda’ga by feigning a hangover so I didn’t have to wander around town much where I might be recognized and when the group decided to head out into the countryside I was quite relieved.

We met up with a traveling merchant by the name of Dolbomar and he served us pies and beer for a small fee. He recognized that I was from the Five Nations and I think had some suspicions about me but was gentleman enough not to say anything.

He told us that Trucify Brinkus has a farmhouse just up the road where he raises children. The Halfling also suggested that the old man is a bit crazed in his hatred of humans.

We followed the advice of Dolbamar and soon found ourselves near a large farmhouse. A flock of trained jays immediately screeched and swooped down on us alerting the people in the house to our presence. I always forget about these Lelda’ga people and their damned trained jays. The screeching and flying about immediately got on my nerves and when an Orc appeared in the porch and rudely shouted for us to leave and another fired a crossbow bolt that took me in the shoulder I’d had enough!

I charged forward but the Orcs came piling out of the house like water boiling over a covered pot and we were soon in the midst of a scrambling fight. I was up front and took a number of crossbow bolts and heavy hits from my foes but Josephus was always there with healing to keep me in the battle.

Eventually I waded through all my foes and charged the crossbowman on the porch and took him down with a couple of swings. I then kicked in the door to the house and found more of the swine lurking about inside. A large explosion outside caught my attention and I later learned that the Orcs were lobbing fire bags onto the party and that both Rambledon and Rhia were badly scorched.

I didn’t let this distract me and powered through the villains in the house and charged up the stairs where I quickly dispatched the fire bombers. By the time I wrapped things up the others had rounded up all of our foes and taken a number of prisoners. Rhia was badly hurt and only timely intervention from Azraim saved her life.

We searched the house and found a number of items, including an rambling manifesto although we all decided not to take anything except the equipment on our downed foes. There were a number of children all apparently being indoctrinated with the vomitous hate spewed forth by Trucify. I can see why Uthar hates the old man so much.

The manifesto included a map to the place where Trucify once lived and we decided to head there in the hopes of finding more clues.

The Old House

We then walked a few hours overland and Josephus managed to find the old house without any problems at all. The Dwarf seems adept at reading maps and that might well come in handy. On the way we dispatched a group of Drakes that were wandering around but it wasn’t much of a fight.

As we approached the house we all spotted a small family plot nearby and decided to check it out before heading to the old farm. I led the way inside along with Josephus and the ground seemed to erupt as undead abominations rose up and attacked.

We managed to dispatch them after a short battle in which the zombies bit both Rhia and I with some sort of deathly aura that plagued me for most of the combat.

After finishing off the creatures we searched the plots and found interesting information on the headstones that seemed to confirm Trucify’s ramblings were utter nonsense although no one was surprised by this revelation.

It took a few moments to recover from the awful bites but we plan to head into the house to learn what secrets lay in wait.


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