Descent into Madness

Point of View:

The Old House

The battle against the undead monstrosities in the Brinkus family plot invigorated me greatly. I greatly enjoyed bringing the Light of Davim to the minions of the Demon Prince of the Undead. My hatred for this man Trucify continues to escalate as I imagine the harm he has inflicted over his lifetime.

After the battle, Rhia and little Rambledon led the way to the main house. The little Halfling scouted around but found nothing of interest so we headed inside.

A strange suit of animated armor guarded the place but we were able to defeat it after a sharp battle. We then searched the building finding a great deal of information about Trucify and his family. It is clear the old man went completely insane after the death of his sons and wife. Madness is no excuse for the pain he has brought to so many and I eagerly await the day when we can end his lunacy and bring him the peace of the Final Rest.

Among his artifacts we found a Map to what he called his hidden treasures. We trekked into the hills and found the site without much difficulty at all.

The Mines

After traveling through the mines for about an hour we came across a cave completely covered in webs and infested with large spiders some bigger than my head. We decided to go back and look for a way around rather than risk the poison of the beasts.

After some scouting about we found our way blocked by an underwater stream. Misrael sent his little Spirit Fox onto the rocks and a water creature rose up from the depths and attempted to wash it away.

We all rushed forward and began to pepper the beast with magic and missile fire while Rhia jumped onto the rocks to help out the fox. At one point it caused a massive wave to rise up and I managed to anchor myself and Azraim to keep us from washing into the water where the beast would surely have grabbed us and taken us into the depths. We eventually drove the beast underwater and then quickly hopped across the rock bridge before it could recover from its wounds.

We then entered a large cave where a dozen shambling undead beasts met with the Light of Davim and soon lay on the floor broken and destroyed.

There was a pit leading down and I found holes where a ladder was once bolted to the side but there was no apparent way down. Young Rambledon uncoiled a rope, tied it to a large rock, and lowered himself down while Misrael sent the Spirit Fox with him.

We immediately heard the sounds of combat and the Halfling shouted out for help. We all quickly repelled down the rope with even clumsy Rhia showing a turn of speed.

The terrible thing that was at the base is difficult to describe. It was a desiccated corpse of some kind and when Rhia rushed forward to attack it touched her and she suddenly went mad first attacking Rambledon, then me, and finally even Misrael. Things looked bleak as the half-orc woman warrior meted out damage to us all while the undead monster added to our woes.

But, as suddenly as Rhia went mad, she regained her sanity and we managed to combine out attacks on the thing and destroy it. Well, I think we destroyed it because it melted away leaving nothing behind which concerns me greatly. Particularly after we searched a large chest in the area and found a terrible ritual that seemed to explain the awful thing. I suspect it is not destroyed nor can be until we kill Trucify himself. I don’t care to hang about too long in this Unholy Place in case the beast somehow reforms and attacks us once again.

We also found a document describing how Trucify decided to devote his life to the destruction of humans and the adoption of young children in the hopes of indoctrinating them with his madness.

Now we must visit this Torrytop ruin described in the note or head back to Lelda’ga and track down the harlot that Uthar Tuskbearer told us was in league with an ally of Trucify.


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