A Real Winner

Point of View: Horus Calmuck

Back to Town

Josephus suggested leaving the foul hole that housed the blasphemous Trucify thing and I was in complete agreement with the devotee of Davim. We decided to head back to Lelda’ga to look into the tip giving to us by the tusk clan orc. The journey was uneventful although the image of those sad little children and that horrible house where they were being raised haunts my dreams.

Following Tala

I went into the south part of town about noon figuring that is when the harlot might be rising and was lucky enough to spot her almost immediately. She wandered around the city for a bit shopping and talking with friends and customers but eventually she headed out of the northern gates.

I stayed behind her and watched as she went to an old tower where she gave something to a tall, blonde human warrior. She didn’t tarry long and was on her way.

Assault on Silus’ Tower

I gathered up the rest of the crew and headed over to the tower to check on things. A damn flock of birds roosting in the eaves noticed us as soon as we arrived and set about squawking up a storm. The half breeds inside and their trained dogs immediately set upon us. They proved competent warriors and kept me well occupied in battle so much so that Josephus spent several rounds aiding me with magical healing. Rhia rushed forward to attack the leader of the bandits, the tall human, but seemed to have little success hitting him. The man called out to me several times saying that I’d better hurry if I wanted to save my girlfriend.

We finally managed to put down all of his allies and just in time as Rhia fell under a heavy blow. With Misrael and Josephus helping we managed to knock the fellow to the ground and the battle was won. The Priest of Davim attended to Rhia and pulled her back from the brink of death. We searched the man and found evidence that he was once or still is a Knight of Gray along with a chunk of hair torn out at the roots and a goodly amount of silver.

Silus’ Basement

We then went into the tower where the upper floors were unused and rather dangerous looking. The lower section was occupied and we rousted a group of strange construct creatures, both clay and iron leaving them scattered about the floor after a sharp fight. Inside a young woman appeared and it was clear that the warrior had ill-treated her. Her eyes were black and she had burn marks on her arms along with closely cropped blonde hair. Elsewhere we found a small ring case with half a dozen engagement rings of varying qualities along with slots for another six. It was clear what sort of scum this Silus fellow was and I’m glad we rid the world of him.

Raina told us her story although I’ll never understand why women stay with losers like that guy. She told us all about how Trucify has visited in the past and the location of his farmstead but we already took care of all that.

The poor girl seemed to be so beaten down as to be incapable of taking care of herself so we managed to find a caravan heading south towards her homelands and put her on it. This delayed us a couple of days in our journey to the ruin of Old Torrytop in Gnoll territories but I think was worth the effort. I’m skeptical the girl will make it as I’ve seen cases like this all too often in the past. She will likely fall immediately into the arms of another ruffian and repeat her misadventure. But, at least we tried.

I was reminded of that poor little girl we rescued at the Golden Apple from her abusive mother. I know that I’m destined to make the world a better place but sometimes I find it a discouraging task.


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