Point of View Rambledon Hilltopple


After our encounter with the high spirited young Gnoll lad with whom I have a certain amount of sympathy but whom both Rhia and Horus seem to find a pathetic figure; we decided to head north deeper into Grelm in the hopes of learning more about the Two Headed Hero.

We traveled for the good part of the day without running into any Gnolls but near the evening the sounds of battle rang out from over a hill top. Rhia rushed forward with blood lust in her eyes and the rest of the group followed. The scene that unfurled below us was a small wagon train being attacked by bandits although all combatants seemed to be of Gnoll makeup.

The leader of the Gnolls rode a fire breathing steed and wielded a whip that was capable of shooting out flames. He his pack mates attacked with terrible ferocity. They all fought bravely until killed and we were hard pressed at multiple times. I managed to get a few telling shots in with my shuriken while Horus and Rhia absorbed the brunt of the damage and Misrael’s little Spirit Fox provided able support along with magical attacks from [[Azraim Melabidactus}Azraim]].

Traveling with the Pilgrims

The pilgrim’s turned out to be a family unit made up of a matriarch her oldest son, his wives and children, and a few slaves. Horus attempted to free one of the Orc slaves but the powerful fellow immediately grabbed a dagger and attempted to slay some of the Gnoll children. Horus and Rhia subdued him quickly enough but there was no choice but to put him back in chains.

We traveled with the pilgrims for two days as they were headed in the same direction as us and proved to be quite grateful for our help. They hoped to pray at a temple of Arioch for the fecundity of one of the wives who failed to conceive for the last two breeding seasons. This is apparently a very bad thing for a young Gnoll girl and she seemed abjectly terrified of banishment should her infertility continue.

They told us some stories about Demogorgon the Two Headed Hero god of their pantheon but it pretty much corresponded with what young Jorod told us earlier. The only difference being that according to the family Demogorgan was actually slain by the Usurper rather than just imprisoned.

After two days of travel we prepared to take our leave of the family when a terrible creature that appeared to be a cross between a Gnoll and a wolf suddenly appeared along with a pack of wolves and launched an attack. The family ran in fear because, as we later learned, to be killed by one of these Garous is the worst thing that can befall a Gnoll as their soul is forever lost.

We managed to kill the creature and the leader of the pack at which point the rest of the wolves fled.

The pilgrims gifted us with a healing salve and then took their leave with wagons heading off into the distance. I’m somewhat torn as to what to make of them. They are certainly a strong and loyal group of people but their behavior towards slaves was far more brutal than anything I experienced at the hands of my former Orc masters and their casual disregard for life is also at odds with my own philosophy. In some ways I admire their fierce independence and warrior ways but the price they pay for this seems too steep. Too steep indeed.

Ruined Temple

We then headed north in the direction the pilgrims gave us to find the ancient ruined temple of Demogorgon. We arrived only an hour or so later and excitable little Misrael ran ahead to investigate only to be ambushed by a nasty creature a group of diseased looking rats.

Rhia and Horus rushed to the rescue and a strange battle commenced. The vile thing had the ability to simply vanish from one spot and appear on another seemingly at will. This proved almost disastrous for me as it leapt from its battle with Rhia and Horus to a position directly behind me and struck a vicious blow. What came next was as close to a game of tag as I’ve experienced in a battle. The creature would move away from the two warriors and attack either Josephus, Misrael, or myself and then Rhia and Horus would rush over and hammer it with heavy blows.

Eventually we managed to dispose of the creature with Horus imparting the killing shot to it and its last minion with a single sweeping blow.

An exploration of the ruined area revealed a staircase leading down and we plan to explore immediately.


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