Crypts and Dinners

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

Crypts of Demogorgon

After defeating the strange rat creatures we headed into the blasted open cellars below the old ruin to explore. As usual little Rambledon led the way into unknown with great bravery. I’ve heard that hobbits are a daring race and if Rambledeon is a typical example of the species then I’d have to agree.

The first room we found was a crypt where one of the coffins was blown open and a shield that once rested on its lid hurled to the side of the room. Inside were a few coins and gems but Rambledon and Misrael al Halladun seemed reluctant to loot the burial site and this seemed reasonable to me.

Next we came into some sort of a trophy room although all of the relics were long since removed. An ironbound book rested on a table in the middle of the room and Josephus Sunspite immediately recognized it as a prayer book to the Two Headed Hero god of the Gnolls. He leafed through it quickly but said it would take hours of intense study to learn anything.

Next we came into another crypt this one with a single coffin at the end. Rambledon unlocked an iron gate that separated the main room from the stone sarcophagus and stepped inside. At that moment a group of undead apparitions suddenly appeared and attacked. With Misreal and Rambledon on one side of the room it was up to me to do battle with the biggest of the creatures whose skull was ablaze with an unholy flame.

The beasts surrounded me and inflicted serious wounds before I was able to eat a piece of that strawberry pie given to us by the charming mixed breed family and this revived me greatly. Just before I killed the vile thing it actually took off its own head and hurled it at Rambledon and Misrael where it exploded in a blast of fire.

Afterwards none of us was brave enough to pry off the lid to the massive coffin and being rather exhausted decided that resting behind the relocked gate was as good an idea as any. I can’t say that I was too happy about our sleeping spot and images of the terrible fiery skull creature haunted my dreams. I did not sleep well to say the least.

After a restless few hours we roused ourselves but judging by the bags beneath everyone’s eyes no one got much rest. Josephus spent the entire evening trying to decipher the script from the Gnollish book but said that he found nothing of great importance.

The rest of the region proved rather dull although Misrael found a gold necklace on a skeletal corpse and there was set of stone ruins that seemed to emanate magic. After a short examination Misrael decided that is was some sort of portal although activation of the thing was beyond him.

Rock Lord’s Emissaries

We then left the ancient ruin and decided to head back to Tanelorn figuring that the priest of Davim would have time to peruse the ironbound book and determine the nature of the Two Headed Hero god.

We traveled for a day without incident and Josephus said that he was beginning to decipher the book but there was much work to be done still.

On the second day of travel we came across a caravan of strange rock creatures heading into Gnoll territory. We decided to visit with the caravan to determine its nature rather than attack it.

The leader of the group turned out to be an emissary of the Rock Lord named Ambassador Thurslow. He was a deliberate fellow and his presence in Grelm seemed to be a sign of ill times. I’ve heard much about these Rock Creatures but this is my first experience with them and I must say they seem a powerful and dangerous bunch. After some talking the ambassador agreed to stop for an hour or so.

He seemed particularly interested in Misrael’s adventures with ancient magical devices and questioned the little fellow at some length. He proved cagy as to his own reason for being in the region but it was clear enough he was sent on some sort of a mission to gain an alliance with the Gnolls of Grelm.

After a rather stilted hour with Thurslow we finally took our leave all of us feeling unease at the potential for an alliance between the Rock Lord and Grelm.

Fivefist Dinner

Two more days passed and Josephus learned a great deal more from the ironbound book. He said that the open crypt in the dungeon was likely an ancient servant of the Two Headed Hero god and that its release meant that either Demogorgon was returning or that someone wanted to make it seem that way.

In either case the Priest of Davim seemed to think it was an ill omen for Tanelorn as the Gnolls would certainly move into a more aggressive military stance.

On the third day we crossed back into Tanelorn and this seemed to release some of the tension that had accumulated from so long a journey into the territories of the unpredictable Gnolls.

Another two days and we found ourselves outside of a large villa. I’ve been told these serve as gathering points for warriors when Tanelorn is attacked by outside forces and are generally well defended.

This one belonged to a family of dwaves led by a patriarch named Sir Pedlow Fivefist. We were shown to a comfortable guest house inside the walls of the fortress and allowed to clean up and get our kit in order before dinner with the family.

Once presentable we headed to the main house for dinner and I was seated between Sir Strombolt Fivefist who is the second oldest son of the patriarch and his brother-in-law Sir Milus Turngate. Also at the table was Sir Pedlow himself, his wife, an Orc woman named Shavala two of his three other sons, Sir Ragnus, and Ironhead, Strombolt’s wife, a stunningly beautiful elf girl named Apple, their rather overly dramatic daughter Redjonnie, Milus’s wife, Breena who is one of the family daughters, and Ragnus’s wife, Yegran.

There is also apparently an older son named Sir Regibolt and two more daughters who live away from the Villa with their Gray Knight husbands.

It was a delicious dinner cooked entirely by Shavala and Breena and the main drink was a thick, rich stout apparently brewed by Sir Pedlow Fivefist himself.

I spoke mainly with Sir Strombolt and Sir Turngate as they were my neighbors although the others seemed to make themselves right at home in conversation. Sir Strombolt is a Gray Knight of some standing. He was born shortly after his father arrived in the region some thirty-five years ago. He met Apple while doing battle with Gnolls to help free the Elves of Alianus from Gnollish power.

Sir Turngate is the son of one of the Gray Lord’s original companions. He made light of his own heroics claiming he became a Gray Knight through political connections but behind his merry demeanor it is not difficult to see a true warrior.

The evening was incredibly pleasant and I enjoyed myself as much as any time since I parted company with the Circus. Near the end of the evening we seemed to gain the approval of Sir Fivefist and he asked if we might roust a giant from the neighborhood. He said Ironhead would show us the way in the morning. He also mentioned that many of those devoted to the Plunging Blade Cult hang out at a place called the Scorch in Tanelorn City.

I look forward to a comfortable rest tonight and killing giants in the morning!


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