Point of View (Azraim Melabidactus)

Giant Hunting

I couldn’t sleep at all waiting for morning and our battle with the giant! I’ve never battled such a foe before and the chance to impress the Fivefist family is also a great chance for me. If I can get Sir Pedlow on my side it is only a matter of time until I become a Gray Druid.

The dimwitted youngest son of the family met us in the morning eager for adventure. He is a fine friend even if a bit slow and as eager for combat as I. He sang rowdy songs along the journey and never showed the slightest bit of fear. He drank almost as much ale as me!

We got to the giant’s camp after a couple of hours walking but were unable to sneak up on the creature because it managed to train a group of dinosaurs to act as watch beasts. So, the fighting started with no chance to get into formation.

There were two kinds of dinosaurs, one small, only three feet tall, but fast and with slashing tails that knocked Rhia tumbling to the ground immediately. I had to keep from laughing as the orc girl was laying in the mud rolling around. The larger beasts spit poison goo and I was hit with a glob right away. Gross.

The small animals went down fast but soon enough the giant arrived. He was twice my height at least and carried a club that was longer and thicker than Josephus which the massive beast used to thrash Rhia knocking her flying through the air. Again, pretty funny to see her with legs and arms flapping about. Maybe I’ll get an artist to draw a picture of it.

The Priest of Davim used his healing spells on her while Misrael’s Spirit Fox kept the other dinosaurs busy. We fickled all of our attacks on the big giant and he fell to a perfectly placed shuriken from Rambledon!

Josephus used his healing on the monster and we searched him finding nothing much although Misrael took a piece of quartz for some reason. He is a strange guy with his horns and his odd ways.

Josephus and Rhia had a talking to with the giant and he promised to leave the region although I certainly don’t trust the moronic beast. He is so stupid he probably won’t even remember the fight in the morning. Maybe Josephus and Rhia are just as stupid to trust him.

Afterwards we went back to the Fivefist estate and reported our great victory over the imperceptible foe. Sir Fivefist was impressed and thanked us for a fine job.


We then went to Tanelorn City to report to Captain Massasa. The lizardman knight listened to us and congratulated us on our good work. He then told us to take it easy for a few days! That sounded good to me and we went our separate ways for some rest and relaxing.

After a couple of days, Rhia stopped by and suggested we make a visit to that Scorch place mentioned by Sir Fivefist. I didn’t like that idea but the group didn’t listen to me. At least we went by the militia building and told the captain our plan.

The Scorch

We found the Scorch no problem and the people seemed nice enough at first offering us food and drink but I figured they might be poisoning it and didn’t order anything.

Eventually the waitress said I had to order something so I got a beer but didn’t drink it. Everyone else was eating and drinking and having a good time. Stupids.

Then the big guy who scared Misrael when we were at that apple place suddenly just appeared behind Rhia and punched her in the back of the head pushing her nose into the table and breaking it. Blood came flying everywhere and Rhia went down like she was dead.

The battle was on but the guy was just too strong. He sent Rambledon to the ground in a heap and then after Josephus healed Rhia the guy just smashed her again. A bunch of the other orcs were guarding the doors and windows and it looked real bad when suddenly that sergeant at arms came in the back way and ended the fight with a look.

He fined the bartender because they had the doors locked during regular business hours or something stupid like that and then sat down for a drink. We all sort of slunk out of the place. Maybe people will listen to me next time. Misrael and Rambledon saw the sergeant put some of the fine money in a bag with a rearing horse on it that reminded them of the horse place we got our ponies from.

The next day some of the guys stopped by and found out that the really pretty girl who works there is married to the sergeant! Can you believe that? The big old stupid soldier who can barely put together a sentence is married to just about the prettiest girl in the city? I guess it takes all kinds.

A couple of days went by and Captain Massasa called for us and gave us a new mission! He said that someone is spreading rumors against the Gray Lord and gave us the name of some places to look into.

He suggested going by locksmith, a blacksmith, or a candle shop.

After a bit of a boring talk we decided to go by the blacksmith shop.


I have to admit the place seemed to be pretty well run but I let the others do all the talking as I hate that sort of nonsense. It was really boring but after a while everyone gathered up again and they all thought the owner of the place was likely behind the rumors. They also said there is someplace outside of town where the dwarves keep all their iron that might be storing weapons for a resurrection or something.

Anyway, I guess we might check out the other two places tomorrow or just head straight to the Ironworks. I don’t really care as long as there is a chance to kill some stuff!


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