Gathering Information

Point of View (Horus Calmuck)

A Bunch of Beeswax

The fire and forge of the Iron Realm smithy reminded me of home with its heavy smells and hardworking folk. It’s still a bit difficult to see all those Dwarves about and not reach for my Battle Axe. We decided to go the candle makers next.

The place was filthy and ill kept to say the least. I managed to talk with a tough looking orc who seemed to be the security guard of the place although he made it clear that if I stole anything he was entitled to half. He had a fondness for whiskey and I managed to pump him for information. It seems the owner of the place is a freed goblin slave who hates his emancipated life. This Tobo blames the Gray Lord for his life’s problems although I doubt the little fellow could cause any real trouble.

While I was talking with him I think Rhia said something incendiary to another member of the staff and suddenly a bunch of thugs burst out of the back room and the fight was on. I squared off against my drinking partner with the aid of Rambledon and Josephus and we sent him crashing to the floor soon enough. Rhia, Misrael, and Azraim took out the other tough quick enough and our foes were defeated.

I grabbed my friend’s drinking horn as a souvenir and the Priest of Davim took care to make sure he wasn’t completely dead. The little owner of the place then insisted that we leave although was smart enough to not make any noise about reporting us to the authorities.

Broken Locks

We then headed back to the Militia Headquarters for a chat with Captain Masassa. The taciturn captain asked if we found out the source of the rumors and when we couldn’t answer sent us on our way.

The Priest of Davim seemed quite agitated by the idea that we might be attacked at our separate residences so insisted we rent a house in town and all stay there. We spent the morning looking at various places and settled on a little house in the north part of town. It seems clean enough but the thought of sharing a room with the others is not my idea of paradise.

Josephus suggested looking up the goblin girl who made candles at the Waxworks and Azraim managed to spot her exiting the place and bring her to us. She seemed a nice girl although a bit downtrodden. She told us the real agitator at the candle shop is the clerk Robso. But, she could not enlighten us further as to the source of the rumors so we let her go on her way.

We decided to check out the last lead at the locksmiths. The place was clean I suppose but I wouldn’t trust any lock I purchased from the drunken Hobbit master locksmith. The owner’s wife got in a long conversation with Rhia about how stupid her husband was and I mostly talked with the security contingent at the place.

This time the information gathering went more smoothly and we eventually discovered that a new batch of rumors started up every time a particular iron caravan arrived in town.

Iron Caravan

Misrael suggested meeting the caravan as it headed into town and to try and get information through stealth rather than violence. I agreed as the caravan is likely to be well guarded by dwarf soldiers.

We headed out the next morning and spent a couple of days traveling west along the route we suspected the caravan would take. Our plan went smoothly, we met up with the wagon train, and joined it easily enough. The tough looking guards looked more than a match for our group and I’m glad we decided to make a stealthy attempt at gaining the information.

We all posed as disenchanted warriors of Tanelorn and gained the confidence of the caravan members without too much trouble. It quickly became apparent that the caravan master was no friend of Tanelorn and over the course of three days travel we managed to find out some interesting information.

Rambledon found a Note written to Medrig Boarheart thanking him for the delivery of something to the city on the last trip.

Misreal found another note advocating spreading rumors about Jon Gray eventually taking control of Tanelorn. The dwarves seem to think the young knight would adopt a more aggressive pose than his father and this might alienate the Orcs, Dwarves, and Elf allies of Tanelorn.

Finally I managed to overhear a conversation between Ulhelf and Medrig that mentioned a place called the Tower of the Red Spider, Hestwing, and the Cult of the Plunging Blade.

We traveled with the caravan all the way back to town and I suppose we’ll look into this tower in the morning. I’m not looking forward to my first night with my new roommates.


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