Point of View – Misrael al Halladun

Tower of the Red Spider

After all the excitement with the dwarfs at the caravan we finally got back to Tanelorn City after a few more days of travel. The espionage work was really fun and it was exhilarating to sneak around behind the backs of the dwarves trying to figure out what they were doing. It reminded me of my days of hide and seek as a boy in the mines as a slave of the Golden Worms!

I think I like dwarves for the most part. They are very solid and strong and it’s nice to be able to look someone in the eye besides Rambledon and Josephus. Horus and Rhia are nice but so tall it’s hard to have a conversation with them.

Anyway, as soon as we go back we all spent the night in our new apartments. It was neat having the whole gang together and we ate, sang songs, and played games although Horus seemed a bit grumpy.

The next morning Rhia and I went off to the headquarters where Captain Massasa keeps himself and reported our findings. He said that we should check out the tower to find out more about Hestwing and his plots.

We all sat around trying to figure out how to even find the place when Horus just flagged down a fellow on the street and asked. It is apparently an ancient tower built by Dorians! Doria is not far from the desert where I was born and spent my life. I’ve heard the Spider Wizards of Doria are the most evil and insidious in the world! I can’t wait to see their tower!

We walked over and watched the place for a few hours. They had a guard contingent but it seemed like something we should be able to handle. Again, there was a bunch of discussion about how to creep up on the place and after a long time I think Horus got bored because he just stood up and walked over there. We all followed of course!

Horus strolled up to the two guards, pulled out his battle axe, and took them both down with a single blow. He didn’t even stop to catch his breath before kicking down the door with a massive kick. He rushed inside and took down three more of them at the door and Azraim followed by breathing lightning and wiping out another whole group.

We all joined in the battle and some of the leaders proved to be pretty tough but eventually we killed them all and I even knocked one down with my dagger! I usually let my Spirit Fox do the fighting for me but I guess I got a little carried away in the excitement.

After the fight we searched the place and found a trap door leading to a large basement area.

Below the Tower

In the first chamber below the tower we found a bedroom where a Lizard Man was apparently recently living. We found some of his stuff and it was readily apparent he is an assassin brought to town to kill someone of importance. The clues didn’t make it perfectly clear whom this was but with what we learned about the dwarves hoping that Jon Gray will come to power I fear it might be the Gray Lord himself.

We found a secret door that led to an ancient chamber where a pair of stone creatures literally peeled off the wall and attacked us. I’m afraid I was up front examining a stone tablet when the assault began and was badly wounded by one of the beasts. Rhia rushed over and interposed herself between us and I managed to move away to safety.

It was a long fight but we finally killed both of the creatures but not before they did serious damage to Horus and Rhia. We were all exhausted from the fight and didn’t find anything else of any interest in the underground chamber. Besides, we were all a bit concerned about the prisoners upstairs and the fact that an assassin is loose in town!

So, we went back up and flagged down some Gray Knights to take away the prisoners. I guess we’ll have to report our findings to the captain but he doesn’t seem too keen on getting incopmplete information. Maybe we can find this Lovoko character on our own.


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