The Assassin’s Target

Point of View (Rambeldon Hilltopple)

Finding the Assassin

After our adventures below the Spider Tower we returned to Captain Massasa to report our findings. He told us he would attempt to warn the Gray Lord about the potential assassination but was not hopeful of accomplishing much. The Gray Lord is loath to act on rumors alone. To this end the captain suggested we try to find the Lizard Man assassin.

We asked around a little bit but found nothing of interest and eventually tracked down the Sergeant at Arms to see if he knew about any new Lizard Men in town. The sergeant directed us to a house with a red door in the Garden District of Tanelorn City. Asking around we found that it belonged to an orc merchant named Jeleok.

Here we observed for a bit and little Misrael noted that the shadows seemed to move strangely both at the house and across the street. We all suspected some sort of invisible watchers but made no other headway.

We retreated to a local tavern to discuss the matter and decided that with the assassination likely to occur fairly soon we had to mount a frontal assault on the house.

We returned to the red door and moved forward as a group. At this point the shadows suddenly coalesced into fearsome creatures one of whom blasted the entire group with a terrible black spell of death that left all of us badly wounded.

Luckily Josephus survived the initial blow because it was only his healing that saved us from annihilation. With the Priest of Davim dishing out healing spells and the rest of us battling the shadow creatures we eventually dispatched them back to whatever black hell they arose from in the first place.

We then took a quick breather and Rhia kicked upon the front door of the house.

Searching for Clues

Inside we found a motely band of servants led by a butler and a chef but we dispatched them without too much difficulty. They were not particularly combat savvy.

After the short fight we began to search the house and found several interesting items including a picture of Valary Gray, an invitation to a party hosted by the Gray Lord, some sort of note assuring the assassin of safety, and a missive from Hestwing Bardagus to the owner of the house detailing the escape route to be used by the assassin.

We took our information back to the militia captain who told us we had done well and promised to report our findings to the Gray Lord. He then suggested we visit Lady Gray in the hopes of getting access to the party where the assassination is scheduled to take place.


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