Hestwing Captured

Point of View (Horus Calmuck)

Meeting the Grays

The captain sent us to meet Lady Gray and we quickly figured out where she does her daily shopping. Rhia approached the woman with a cockamamie story about trying to find vegetables but eventually managed to tell her the about the assassination. The Lady seemed concerned enough and gave us a note to pass along the librarian at the Gray Library so that we could see Valary Gray. This turned out to be the prelude to a long and frustrating two days.

Once at the library we showed the note to the librarian but he proved difficult to persuade and we wasted more time trying to convince him of the importance of our mission. You’d think there were assassination plots against the Gray family every day based on the casual attitude of these people!

We finally managed to talk the librarian into letting us go into the back room where Valary was studying some ancient tomes. He is not nearly the physical specimen of his younger brother with red hair, pale skin, a lean frame. Valary seemed even less concerned with the assassination plot than anyone else and I’m not even sure he heard everything we told him. Eventually he walked off telling us that his brother would probably be a better ruler in any case.

Then, when we thought we’d hit a dead end, Valary turned and told us to talk to Jon and see if he would do anything.

We slubbed around the rest of the day asking anyone and everyone where Jon Gray might be found but had absolutely no luck. Eventually we called it a night and went to bed. The gala event is tomorrow night so we didn’t have much time to find him. We all agreed to get up early and renew the search.

We spent another few hours scouring the city for Jon Gray and eventually found out that he was hiding out at a military camp just outside of town. Apparently there was some sort of timing miscommunication with women he was meeting and he is on the lam. At least that explains why no one wanted to tell us where he was staying.

We found Jon working out with a large group of Gray Knights but the headstrong young son of the Gray Lord proved uninterested in our pleas. He kept putting us off and putting us off but finally, after lunch, agreed to listen our story. After we told him the whole thing his main concern seemed to be that if his brother was assassinated then he might have to assume the mantle of responsibility. This thought galvanized him enough to send us on our way to his sister who might somehow finagle us invitations to the party.

Sigh. So off we trekked to find Jane. We found that information without too much difficulty as her whereabouts are apparently not a state secret. She was at her modest home in the south side of town. She is a tall young woman although not what most would call pretty I found her lack of affectation and sturdy demeanor quite attractive. She is the first woman I’ve met who looks me right in the eye. She took our story quite seriously and agreed to let us come to the party as waiters.

She did make quite a point of telling us to behave like waiters at all times because if we ruined the party in any way her mother would be extremely upset.

Assassination Attempt

We had just enough time to run home and change and return to the Gray Lord’s home in time for the party. There were quite the dignitaries there including the Gray Lord and his family, the Gray Druid, a powerful orc warrior named Scar Blackheart who I’ve heard a number of stories about. Once a member of the ruling Blackrose family of Far’da who took the Gray and forsook the Five Nations, and even the little goblin historian Offo we met months ago at the Sitka Club when he gave a really boring speech about all the Stone Ruins.

There were two Lizardmen at the party and little Misrael walked right up to one and asked if he was Lovoko!? The Lizardman looked startled and asked who Misreal meant but Rhia whisked him away before he could do more harm. If that was the right Lizardman then he was alerted that we were onto his scheme. As it turns it out this was the case.

We circulated throughout he party trying to keep our eyes on Valary at all times although this proved somewhat difficult as Lady Gray cast glances at us anytime we left our duties as waiters unattended. She is an attractive older woman who has stayed fit and her gray eyes seem to flash fire when she is displeased. I can see why Jane was so worried about causing her to be angered.

Eventually everyone gathered in the main hall for speeches and this is when the assassin struck. He was careful to make his move when Misrael was on the other side of the room but was unable to strike a fatal blow to Valary who dodged aside with nimbleness that belies his crippled leg.

The assassin immediately vanished although Josephus dashed towards the front entrance and yelled out that the Lizardman was fleeing that way. We all followed out into the streets but a distraction waited.

A group of magically enchanted creatures that looked exactly like the assassin dashed off in all directions and a group of thugs began moved in to attack us. This proved most nettlesome as we were delayed for vital seconds as we dispatched the foes.

The Chase

Once we managed to kill or disable our opponents we had to pick up the trail of the fleeing assassin. It took us a bit of searching around but Misrael managed to pick up the scent and the chase was on.

We followed the nimble hired killer through the streets but then he took to the rooftops where Rhia and I followed while the others stayed in the streets. We lost him for a moment when a sniper fired some arrows at us from a window hitting Rhia a nasty shot. I hurled a throwing axe into the window and the fellow quickly retreated from the covering fire.

It took us a few more minutes to recapture the scent of the assassin but with the help of some street passersby we were on his tail soon enough!

Having tried to lose us in the roofs his next strategy was to dive into a pond in a local park. Josephus, Azraim, and Misrael went around the long way while Rhia and I dove in after the quick footed Lizardman.

Somewhere, someone, told me never dive head first into a pond because you never know how deep it is and now I think I will forever more remember that lesson. I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck when I hit rock just under the water. Rhia dove in at exactly the same spot but somehow managed to miss the protrusion.

We pulled ourselves from the water although I admit to being a bit hazy from the knock on my head and blood from my wound fogged my vision a bit. Luckily Misrael spotted our foe and we chased him down in one last sprint.

Once surrounded Lovoko surrendered without a fight. We told him that Hestwing and the Plunging Blade Cult planned to kill him but this did not appear to be news to the hired killer. But, with his mission over, even if unsuccessful, he was willing to make a deal. If we allowed him to leave he would direct us to where Hestwing made his secret headquarters.

We agreed to the conditions and Lovoko was true to his word showing us an old well not far away. The assassin thanked us for letting him go and promised never to take a commission on our lives.

In the Well

I hand over handed down a set of iron rungs into the well and wandered down a corridor directly into a barracks where there was much killing.

The Plunging Blade dogs proved worthy opponents and I’m afraid I wore out Josephus, Rhia, and Misrael as they healed me up every time a brace of the baddies wounded me. I one point I think I actually lost consciousness but it didn’t matter because the carnage was quite grand with so much gore beneath my feet that footing proved difficult.

After this fight we continued to explore and found a well maintained bedroom and a nicely heated bath house.

Eventually we stumbled into Hestwing’s den and found him and his fetching fiancé Varia. The woman proved quite a nuisance pelting me with acidic arrows but eventually Rhia and Misrael’s little Spirit Fox worked their way over to her and put her down.

Hestwing proved a more resolute foe putting up a tremendous fight as the entire party pounded on him. Eventually he realized the futility of further resistance and surrendered stating that he would be a martyr to the cause of destroying the Usurper Reborn.

We found a number of documents in his possession that further incriminated in him in recent activities including a note detailing his plans to hire the assassin, a pamphlet outlining his hopes of getting the Five Nations to revolt against Tanelorn, and a missive explaining his frustrations at making an alliance with the Gnolls of Grelm.

He also had a key which he said led to a lower chamber not fully explored that held secrets as to the reign of the Usurper. We were quite exhausted after our battles and afraid that more danger waited below. This in addition to the large number of prisoners forced us to the surface where we turned them over to Captain Massasa and his Gray Knights.

The captain suggested we sleep for the night and then return to the well in the morning to further explore the hidden chambers. He appeared quite concerned that despite the foiled assassination attempt there was every chance of Hestwing’s plans coming to fruition.


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