A Deeper Understanding

Point of View (Rambledon Hilltopple)

Return to the Tunnels

After resting for the night we returned to Hestwing’s hideout in the morning hoping to explore the underground chambers he claimed were below. When we returned a group of his allies were already there apparently cleaning the place out and a battle began at once.

Horus rushed forward like always laying waste to anyone in his way but taking a terrible pounding as well. Misrael sent his Spirit Fox into harm’s way where it fared less well than previously as its opponents succeeded in dismissing it on several occasions.

The priests unleashed a fireball that hit almost everyone in the party causing considerable harm.

Eventually after much healing from Josephus we managed to overcome our foes although their treasure left quite a bit to be desired. They must have rushed here to clean up as much evidence as possible before the authorities cracked down.

After the fight we continued to explore the dungeon and found a portcullis blocking an old temple and Hestwing’s key opened the gate for us. Inside we found a large statue that swiveled aside revealing stairs down but as we tried to access them one of the pillars came to life and attacked.

The first thing it did was shake loose another half dozen creatures of similar ilk and poor Josephus happened to be by himself on that side of the room when the attack began. Horus rushed over as usual and we managed to dispose of the stone creatures fairly quickly but not before the Priest of Davim was sorely wounded.

After killing the beasts one of them somehow left behind a tablet explaining the nature of the temple.

We then headed down the stairwell.

The Flooded Level

The stairwell stopped after winding down about twenty steps but continued deeper into the ground as well. We decided to explore the first level and found the place mostly flooded and destroyed. There was some evidence of religious worship but all of it badly decayed over time.

In a room filled with strange vegetation a group of molds attacked us and managed to engulf Rhia, me, and even Azraim. I thought we might be in serious trouble but Misrael unleashed a cloud of death that withered a whole group of the Oozes as it touched them. Then it was a matter killing their strange companion creatures which proved not particularly difficult.

After the three difficult battles we were all feeling a bit piqued and even mighty Horus looked like he had seen enough combat for a day so we returned to the first level and the well-stocked kitchen for rest.


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