Dwarves and Orcs

Point of View Josephus Sunspite

That’s a Crocodile

I said my Holy Prayers to Davim as we rested in the upper floor of the strange area underneath the well. I am concerned by Hestwing’s declaration that information about the Usurper lies below. From the stories I was told as a young boy I’m afraid that my countrymen in Felhelm might well be susceptible to the idea that Jon Gray is the Usurper reborn.

We returned to the second level of the area with little Rambledon bravely taking the lead while powerful Horus followed behind. We decided to explore the region beyond the sunken floor but traversing the passage proved difficult and several of us, me included, were almost swept away in a collapse of mud and slime. Eventually we reached a back area where our rogue spotted a few small crocodilian like creatures.

Horus rushed in to take them out but a massive version of the species lurched out of the mud and gave him a terrific bite that staggered the mighty Orc. I rushed forward and applied my best healing powers to him and he recovered quickly taking the battle to the beast.

Rhia rushed into the fight and Misrael’s Spirit Fox appeared and began tearing at our foes as well. Azraim began cursing our enemies as he so ably does and Rambledon aided with shurikens in the back. It didn’t take long to defeat the beasts and we skinned them for their valuable hide while Rhia carved out the teeth of the big one for a necklace. The half-orc girl loves her jewelry which is somehow not at odds with her fierce warrior ways.

After slaying the beasts we found little of interest and headed down the stairs deeper into the complex.

Snakes in a Dwarf Den

The third level of the area immediately set my skin crawling as I recognized Dwarf stonework immediately. I feared that we would find either the Dark Dwarves or even surface Dwarves in worship of the ancient Gods. Fear of the Usurper is strong among my people but I suppose I must wait for time and Davim to reveal to me the future.

We walked into a massive chamber where a huge and beautiful stone snake twisted throughout the room making a maze of sorts. It was clearly of Dwarf work and I recognize it as the fell God Nechustan who the Dark Dwarves and Orcs worship and whom was considered a dire enemy of the Usurper.

We began to explore the place but suddenly were attacked by snakes swarming out of small holes in the massive statue. Some of the beasts were poisonous and others of a constricting nature. A strange Snake Priest creature emerged as well and began to cast spells of a deathly nature and also healed his allies almost as quickly as we disposed of them.

Horus leapt over some of the coils in the snake statue and attacked the priest while the rest of us busied ourselves trying to deal with the myriad of snakes. We quickly found ourselves both poisoned and under the deathly sway of necrotic magic and I spent most of the combat healing my fellows.

Eventually Horus and the Spirit Fox managed to put down the priest and then it was a relatively simple matter to kill the remaining snakes although I’m certain there are many more hidden in the vast hollow of the giant statue. There is little hope of destroying them all.

We searched the great snake finding a number of prayer stations and a tablet which bore a foreboding tale. It showed a great snake, defeated, its fang broken and standing over it a man with three eyes. This can only be a reference to the terrible Three Eyed Dioly who traveled with the Usurper and was responsible for much of the horror that befell the Dwarves after the murder of the Emperor.

I fear my loyalties will soon be at the test if the Dwarves decide to abandon Tanelorn and the Gray Lord.

Rambledon took poison from the snakes with great skill and I’m sure future foes of ours will taste it on the edge of his blade. We also found a suit of Dwarven Platemail that seemed to fit me perfectly. I’m almost certain we will find Dark Dwarves further down the stairs and I will pray to Davim for guidance if that eventuality comes to pass.

Foul Undead

After finishing our search and clearing out the dead snakes we continued on in the complex and came into what was apparently an empty room although the odor of magic about the place was strong as if a Stone Circle once occupied the area. If it did there was no sign of it but shortly after we entered the room a group of Undead Orc monstrosities began to materialize all around us.

The Light of Davim struck fear into my foes but so did the flashing blades of Rhia and Horus and the deadly magic of Azraim. The leader of the dead briefly hypnotized Horus but the warrior was paralyzed by the terrible ghoul things and was unable to attack any of us. He quickly shook of the effects of the spell and beat down the thing with heavy blows.

After a short but spirited battle we killed them all and Rhia took a strange looking snake necklace from the leader of our defeated foes. We were all heavily tested by the three battles in quick succession and, although not particularly sleepy, decided to head back up to the kitchen area for rest.

I have not disclosed my fears about Dark Dwarves below to my companions but I think they will learn of them soon enough.


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