Session 22 – Dark Dwarfs

Point of View: Azraim Melabidactus

Dark Dwarfs

After killing the stupid undead things everyone was all tired and wanted to rest some more which was silly because I wasn’t sleepy at all. I can’t believe I’m still traveling with these dumb-dumbs.

We finally went back downstairs and kept on looking around and came across a group of dark dwarfs. Dummy Rambledon ran right up front and immediately got smashed. Josephus rushed up and healed him while Rhia and Horus ran up to start fighting.

It was a tough battle as the dark dwarfs proved tough fighters and their mage kept casting nasty spells that weakened Horus and Rhia which seems silly because the two big oafs have been doing nothing but sleeping for the last few days. Anyway, we finally killed all the dark dwarves and took their stuff which was pretty cool. That had some gooey black poison that Rambledon grabbed and lots of little gems that were pretty and I’m sure very valuable!

All of their shields and hammers were burned or scorched where there used to be a symbol and everyone seemed real interested in discussing this but who really cares? They are just dark dwarfs. So what if they have new symbols?

After the fight we searched the rest of the place and Misreal had to go into every single room of this little area and search it while the rest of us sat around being bored. Even Horus got so bored he left the little horned guy on his own. I was kind of hoping a big demon jumped out and ate him but I guess that wouldn’t be such a nice thing if you really think about it.


After a long time we finally went down the stairs and found it mostly blocked although someone, probably the dark dwarfs, dug it out just enough to squeeze through. Little Rambledon led the way and we finally came to the bottom of the stairwell. We were about to head out one of the exits when Misrael spotted a swaying foot around the corner.

We found a bunch of naked dark dwarves swinging by their necks and by the looks of some of them it was fairly recent work. As we were looking at them more of the underdwellers came at us from another room but Josephus ran up and started talking to them with what sounded like gibberish to me. Anyway, instead of killing them we just sat around and talked for a bunch and then went off the other way. I’m not sure what the cleric said but I know they must think we are chicken. I would’a killed ‘em all myself but nobody listens to me.

Later we ran into yet another group of dark dwarfs and Josephus started yacking at them some more. Josephus then told us what they were saying. Moronic little Misrael kept interrupting and asking the foul things questions which, of course, they couldn’t understand, and then he’d look all baffled when they didn’t answer. Then, after a couple of seconds he’d go, “oh yeah”, and ask Josephus to translate. I mean, after the fifth time it happened you’d think he’d get a clue?

Anyway, the boring gist of it all is that the stupid dwarves are having a religious war about something stupid and Josephus wanted to stay out of it. So, we ran away instead of killing them and taking all their stuff. Idiots.


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