Civil Disorder

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

Ambush in Town

After some angry words we decided to follow Josephus’s advice and avoid the religious turmoil between the Dark Dwarves and head back up to the surface. I have to admit that I am sympathetic to Azraim’s point of view about attacking and killing at least one of the two groups. They might have valuable equipment and clues to the unrest that seems to be plaguing Tanelorn. But, in the end, we decided the Priest of Davim might be right to avoid the fanaticism below.

We were rather ripe after our extended stay underground and decided to return to our rented house and bath before reporting our meager findings to Captain Masassa.

After we cleaned up a group of us headed over to the Headquarters to tell the captain about the dark dwarves. Just outside a little hobbit came up and asked for silver and then next thing I knew we were embroiled in a combat with dwarves, elves, hobbits, and orcs. Our foes cried out against the Usurper and Jon Gray so I can only assume they are allies of Hestwing.

The hobbit reached in and snatched something from my bag and then ran off but Azraim chased after him and killed him with a blast of magic. The Dwarfs proved tough fighters and injured me seriously although Josephus and Misrael provided timely healing to keep me on my feet.

Once the thief ran off the other fighters also tried to make an escape and the elf and one of the dwarfs were successful while we captured or killed the rest.

The rogue had a cloak that Azraim snatched right up and they had some other valuable on them as well. We all wondered why the thief was trying to steal from us. I suspect that they knew we were recently below the hideout in the well and thought perhaps we had found important information about the Usurper although that is only a guess.

A group of Gray Knights poured out of the headquarters just in time to see us finish off our foes and we reported our findings to the captain shortly afterwards. He told us that there was serious unrest between the humans and demi-humans in Tanelorn. Most of the trouble seems to be coming from younger Gray Knights who are not as loyal to the Gray Lord as established knights.

Captain Masassa hoped that the Gray Lord would try to calm things although seemed skeptical that it would happen. It seems the Gray Lord has become tired or rule. He is a bit sloppy and I certainly don’t see leadership qualities in him but the older knights revere him so there must have been something there at one point.

The captain listened closely to our story about dark dwarf turmoil below and suggested we visit a loyal dwarf living in Helm’s Wood on the western part of Tanelorn to try to learn more about the forces effecting the dwarf population.

On the Road

We set out the next morning and traveled for about a week meeting few fellow journeyers. Apparently the unrest in Tanelorn City has spread to the countryside as well. The population is keeping a low profile and there were fewer Gray Knight patrols than I have seen in the past. I fear Civil War is coming and unless the Gray Lord gets off his fat ass and does something it might be the end of Tanelorn.

We were approaching Helm’s Wood when a group of Rock Beasts suddenly attacked from the wooded region and we quickly began to battle.

The Priest of Davim proved a lion in combat against the Rock Beasts calling them abominations against nature and unleashing furious spells. The creatures proved hardy foes and their rocky exterior made them difficult to damage. But, with Josephus’s mighty spells we eventually overcame them just as a group of Gray Knights led by Jane Gray approached apparently in pursuit of the creatures.

Jane seems a competent leader and perhaps we can convince her to assume the mantle of rule that her father has abdicated.


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