Craggen Steep

Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

Jane Gray

After we killed the rock creatures Jane Gray and a group of Gray Knights arrived apparently in hot pursuit! She was really impressed with the job we did and thanked us all. Maybe I’ll get invited to be a Gray Druid for my work although right now Tanelorn seems to be in so much turmoil I don’t think that will happen.

After that we decided to try and convince Jane to take a more active role in politics as her father doesn’t seem inclined to do much and her brothers are seemingly unfit for the role. Josephus grumbled a bit about getting involved in politics and wandered off but the rest of us tried to convince her that it was her duty to try and save Tanelorn. Josephus seems to be one of those outwardly gruff sorts which covers up his real timidity.

Jane was reluctant to take on the mantle I think mainly because she didn’t want to be seen as stepping over her older brother or in front of her younger brother. I can understand that having been a slave so long. Appearance is very important if you don’t want to offend. It took a lot of convincing from all of us, especially Rhia but in the end Jane agreed to step up and take more responsibility.

Helm’s Wood

After leaving Jane Gray we entered Helm’s Wood and found it a quite hospitable place. While the trees are dense blocking out sunlight the dwarves clear the paths with apparently regularity as following the trail to the keep of Sir Arturo proved simplicity itself.

We had to camp one night in the wood and met up with a patrol of dwarves led by a young soldier named Milus Sunspite. He mentioned the trouble with young dwarves leaving the alliance with Tanelorn but didn’t seem too concerned about it. He pointed us on our way the next morning and resumed his patrol.

Along the way a strange group of woodland creatures apparently made of forest growth attacked us and managed to wound several people severely including little Rambledon who ran headlong into a Treant while trying to maneuver into position at the rear of other enemies.

Eventually we chopped them up and continued on our way.

Sir Arturo

We arrived at the keep by midafternoon and were greeted with some suspicion at the gate but at the mention of Captain Masassa were allowed to go right in. They gave us great rooms and even baths which was deliciously luxurious. We were invited down for drinks and dinner that evening and got to meet the rest of the people at the keep. Even I noticed the place is much larger than it need be for the current garrison and Horus seemed particularly perturbed by the lack of armed guards.

Once downstairs we met with Sir Arturo, an amiable old dwarf past his prime but clearly still loyal to the Gray Lord. With him was a younger soldier type named Sir Angus Blackiron, a middle aged soldier named Melbia Fellboot, and a big orc named Lionus von Blackrose who asked Horus some questions about tribal stuff and Horus seemed real embarrassed. After a moment I think Lionus figured out Horus wasn’t from a big name family and didn’t press the issue. Also there was the jolly iron merchant Jellybean who I was quite glad to see again. He can liven up any room.

Sir Arturo seemed very disturbed by the defection of his younger soldiers away from Tanelorn and seemed to think it was only a matter of time until the entire nation of Felhelm left the alliance unless the Gray Lord emerged from his seclusion. His memory of the leader of Tanelorn is very much at odds with my own personal experiences of the man but perhaps age is to blame.

In any case we then proceeded to a huge dining hall where our words seemed to echo about the place making it lonely seeming indeed. Everyone drank a little too much of the dwarven beer including, of course, Borrombo, who told a very interesting story about the origins of the dwarves.

If his story is to be believed then there is good reason to fear Jon Gray as the Usurper reborn and it is no wonder many of the younger dwarves have fled the alliance. During the story Sir Melbia wandered off and when we realized it Sir Angus suggested that he might be a traitor to Tanelorn and engaged in some nefarious activity! We all rushed off to try and stop him. I hope we can find him in time.


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