The Trial of Hestwing

Point of View (Rambleton Hilltopple)

Sir Arturo’s Keep

We dashed down into the cellars below Sir Arturo’s Keep and began to randomly search rooms. It didn’t take long to find a large area with an ancient stone circle where a pair of rock elementals stood guard. I fired off a quick shuriken killing one and Rhia charged forward taking care of the other but a whole group of them burst through a pair of doors and a big fight began at once.

Rhia took on a big stone creature in the bottom half of the room while Misrael with his Spirit Fox, Josephus, and I tried to take care of the creatures that came through the other door.

It took quite some time but we eventually finished off the guards in the northern part and then the others went to help Rhia while I dashed forward to find Sir Melbia and hopefully prevent him from finishing his nefarious scheme.

By the time I reached the back room the dwarf was just finishing up a ceremony chanting in the strange language of the Gnolls bizarrely enough. At that moment a huge Earth Elemental appeared but just as quickly sank into the floor.

Josephus joined me a moment later and we managed to strike a few blows against the rogue dwarf but the entire castle began to shake in the most alarming fashion and Sir Melbia began laughing telling us that we would all be buried alive.

Realizing that discretion might well be the better part of valor we decided to flee the unstable region rather than attempt to finish off the mad dwarf. It proved a good decision as we barely made it outside when the entire keep simply collapsed into the ground with a massive rumble that must have been heard all the way back in Tanelorn City

Afterwards Sir Arturo was distraught at the loss of the keep and seemed almost resigned to the disintegration of Tanelorn as a political entity. Sir Lionus said that he would return to the Five Nations and report this terrible incident and we thought it best to head back to Tanelorn to make our own report.

The journey to Tanelorn City was slow and our spirits were down after the horrific destruction of the keep. We made a report to Captain Massasa and even he seemed to think that Civil War was inevitable.

Hestwing Banished

A few days later we were all summoned to the southern wall to testify in the trial of Hestwing. I put on my finest clothes and was happy to give evidence against the man who has done more to destroy Tanelorn than anyone. I hoped they would publicly execute the miscreant but that was not to be the case.

Valary Gray presided at the ceremony but much to my surprise the big orc Adusko was there as well and apparently a free man. The mammoth orc came up and made a few interesting comments to me during the trial. It seems he thinks he is going to assume the mantle of leadership of the Plunging Blade Cult. He said some terrible things to Rhia but she refused to answer back either out of fear or good sense, I suspect the former.

After the evidence was given Hestwing made a speech that claimed that the Girl in Glass was destined to give birth to the Emperor reborn and that the Gray Lord planned to kill her. This quite different from some of the other stories we have heard about the girl and I don’t know what to make of it.

Valary gave down judgment on Hestwing banishing him from Tanelorn. After the trial almost everyone wandered off but we decided to stick around as the villain planned to head out of Tanelorn that very hour. We suspected he might try some final act of treason before his departure.

Not too many people stayed around to watch him leave but there was a small crowd. Some of them seemed to be supporters while another group felt like I do. As Hestwing stood on his wagon to give a farewell address a fireball suddenly exploded and the crowd surged forward intent on beating the man to death.

It took me a moment to realize the right thing to do but eventually I leaped forward and defended Hestwing from the mob. The others joined me and after a hard fight we managed to drive off the rioters. Hestwing did not even thank us for our help but simply ordered another wagon brought forward and left. Hopefully that will be the last we see of him forever!

Strange Bedfellows

After all the excitement we planned to head back into the city when an old enemy suddenly made an appearance. The orc Galbor whom we followed during our stay in Leldaga and who is in the employ of Trucify Brinkus pulled us aside.

Galbor claimed that Adusko planned to usurp leadership of the Plunging Blade Cult and that we might work together to prevent this turn of events. I’m of two minds in this particular endeavor. I have no love of the thing that is Trucify Brinkus and the horror he has inflicted on who knows how many children but, frankly, Adusko terrifies me. I know that he would slit my throat from behind or cut me to ribbons in a fair fight and I’m not anxious to see him gain any power. This might be a case of choosing the lesser of two evils.


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