Adusko Revealed

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

Meeting with Galbor

After the Orc Galbor gave us his proposition the group returned and mulled over the possibilities. By Davim I’m not willing to do anything to further the cause of Trucify Brinkus but the thought of Adusko taking over the Plunging Blade Cult is enough to make my blood boil.

Eventually it was decided that we hear Galbor out and see about his plan. I’m willing to work against Adusko but if this means furthering the goals of Trucify then I can no longer take part in the operation. I think Rambledon agrees with me in this thinking although I worry about the rather sadistic turn that Azraim sometimes shows. Rhia and Horus don’t seem to have any compunctions and just want to kill Adusko for his previous insults. In particular Rhia seems set on some sort of vendetta.

We went to the Horse and Goat tavern to meet with the Orc and discuss his plan. He told us that the best first step might be to attack some of Adusko’s allies. Apparently there are some people that actually can stomach the sadistic orc. Galbor told us that Adusko has regular supplies sent up to some Gnoll allies in the Blue Hills and that a trader outside of town facilitates the transfers.

We headed out to Grimbold’s and spoke with owner for a bit. He remembered us from our previous visit and was happy to discuss Adusko as long as we promised not to let it get back to the big orc. Grimbold is clearly frightened of Adusko but also willing to betray him. This is the difference between respect based on admiration and respect based on fear.

Grimbold suggested that a small supply group would be heading up into the hills probably within the next two or three days and suggested waiting around until they arrived and then following them to Adusko’s friends. We agreed to this plan and it all came off without a hitch.

Into the Hills

In the hills we encountered a large group of dinosaurs working together in a hunting pack but managed to defeat them after a sharp battle.

During the fight Rhia was almost dragged off into the heavy brush by the creatures and only the Divine Healing of Davim kept her from becoming lunch for the beasts.

Adusko’s Friends

The little group of traders were fairly easy to follow and we spotted them entering a small cave and exiting a few minutes later the supplies unloaded. Rather than storm the cave we decided to stake it out for the evening and eventually noted about a half dozen young Gnoll boys of various ages, a heavily armored warrior and an elderly Gnoll woman exit and enter the cave.

Young Misrael suggested approaching as adventurers needing a place to camp for the night and we went forward with this plan. The Gnolls stood us up at the entrance and it looked like we were in for a fight but eventually things settled down. We enjoyed an astonishingly pleasant evening in the luxurious environments of the cave. The furnishings inside reminded me of nothing more than the dwellings of the High Priest of Davim with beautiful artwork, fine silver dining utensils, solid hardwood furniture and many other luxuries.

The matronly Gnoll woman is named Gerrata but does not have a family name because she was banished from her tribe for not producing any young. This seems to be common among the creatures. She told us that shortly after she was banished from her family unit she was wandering the wastes waiting to die and came across a badly whipped and beaten Orc boy lying all but dead in the snow.

This turned out to be none other than Adusko. Her matronly instincts kicked and she took him in and raised him as a son. Apparently his tribe was destroyed by marauding barbarians and his family brutally tortured, raped, and killed while he was forced to watch. The boy then attacked the raiders and was beaten to within an inch of his life and left for dead.

She is awfully fond of Adusko and this does put another face on matters. We all introduced ourselves by our names and it is going to get back to him that we visited this area. I feel this is not a good thing. May the Divine Light of Davim protect me.

Eventually we learned that the big orc keeps some personal possessions locked away in a trunk hidden in a cave further up the path and in the morning we headed that way.

Adusko’s Hidden Cave

Inside the cave was a terrible undead creature that reminded Rhia of the thing that Trucify Brinkus left behind in his cave. I’m not sure they were the beast exactly but they were certainly cut from similar molds.

Once we disposed of the beast, after a difficult fight, little Rambledon managed to unlock the massive chest and we found an old battered journal and a fine leather writing book inside. These gave us further insight in the inner thoughts of Adusko and I can’t say I feel better about the situation.

Apparently Adusko is enamored with the idea of the the Girl in Glass and hopes to use her to further his own ends. Those ends are nothing less than becoming Emperor of the World. I’d say the fierce warrior is suffering from grand delusions but his plans are well thought out and with a lot of luck I’m convinced he might make them happen. A terrifying thought indeed.


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