The Last of Trucify

Point of View (Horus Calmuck)

Return to Tanelorn

After disposing of the strange undead creature and taking Adusko’s private journals we headed back to Tanelorn to meet with Galbor and report our findings. I did not want to say anything the group but I strongly suspected that if Adusko learns of Galbor’s plans the latter would be not long for this world.

When we went to the Horse and Goat Tavern to report our news my suspicions proved entirely correct. Adusko slew Galbor in what witnesses call an enraged attack leaving the minion of Trucify in two pieces on the road. So fierce and insane was his rage that a pair of Gray Knights on the scene refused to get involved, no doubt in fear for their own lives at the hands of the maddened Adusko.

The innkeeper told us that Adusko then stormed upstairs to confront Galbor’s girlfriend. I feared we might find the girl highly traumatized by the encounter and thought that the site of another burly orc like myself might not help matters so decided to sit out the encounter in the bar. Azraim joined me but the rest of the group went up to talk to the girl. I assume that Rhia took the lead as a feminine presence was most likely to assure the girl of our good intentions.

Afterwards I was informed that the girl was indeed shaking with fear and refused to divulge any information about what Adusko asked or even that she knew the man. Her injuries were minor and seemed to indicate that the big Orc was far more in control of his emotions than his display in the battle seemed to indicate. With every piece of information we get about this fearsome foe I become more concerned with his potential to cause great harm.

There seemed to be no further direction for our group with Galbor dead, Adusko firmly established with the Plunging Blade Cult, and Civil War seemingly ready to engulf Tanelorn.

On that note we returned to Captain Masassa hoping to get some information or be given a quest. The captain informed us that there was to be a gathering in the afternoon tomorrow in which the Gray Lord would address an ultimatum given to him by demi-human Gray Knights in which they demanded more power within the realm. The captain suggested we avoid this gathering and head to the walls of Tanelorn where his information suggested that the Plunging Blades might be scheduling some sort of an attack.

The next morning we headed to the wall as suggested by Captain Masassa and waited all morning and part of the afternoon before a strange wizard suddenly appeared and summoned a group of Earth Elementals. Now, this was more like it!

I charged forward into the fray dealing out damage and taking it as well. I suspect the creatures were here to tear down the wall and I was having none of it on my watch!

It was a most excellent battle and I took on the bulk of our opponents while Rhia, Misrael’s Spirit Fox, Torsvul Uguurt, and Azraim rushed forward to battle the wizard. Thanks to Josephus’s timely healing spells we were able to overcome our foes in short order.

The wizard had a note indicating that Trucify Brinkus had abandoned Lelda’Ga and come to the region to further his ends. This was good news indeed as we can now track down the nefarious leader of the Plunging Blades and put an end to him once and for all!

Down the Ravenfall

The next morning we packed our travel gear and headed south down the Ravenfall towards the small village of Zoral where Trucify has taken up residence in an abandoned farm house.

Along the way we ran into the strange northman, Sigund, who lives in a bedraggled home of his own building. The fellow was as mad as ever but did warn us of strange crows in the area.

Not long after this meeting we spotted a group of large, black birds circling not far away and immediately moved to investigate.

The creatures were feasting on the corpse of a small dinosaur while its mother charged fruitlessly at them trying to stop their dinner. Rhia rushed forward to attack the crows but it was Misrael’s Earth Rage Spirit that destroyed most of the black birds with a single explosion!

Sadly, the dinosaur did not recognize our role was to aid it and it immediately charged forward goring Rhia a terrible blow that turned the warrior instantly an ashen shade of white. But, always at the ready, Josephus hurled his Healing Words and she revived quickly. From there it was not difficult to surround and kill the beast.

We took a lovely cut of tenderloin from the creature and feasted that evening. It’s horn was of some value as well and I was roped into lugging the massive thing around.

Trucify’s Last Stand

The day after our battle with the dinosaur and the strange crows we arrived in the area where Trucify supposedly is hiding and began to search for abandoned farmsteads. The locals were wary of approaching soldiers in these times of trouble but were kind enough to direct us to various locations.

When we did find the appropriate farm it was not difficult to discern. The grass and trees around the place were dead and the stink of decay hung heavy in the air. At our approach Trucify himself and a group of his undead minions appeared and the battle was joined.

We dispatched the ghoulish creatures with little trouble but the leader of the Plunging Blade Cult proved to be much more of a problem. It seems every attack he made was accompanied by a thick veil of Black Death that withered me slowly but inexorably. We surrounded the vile thing and rained down blows upon his head but his resilience was remarkable. He continued to battle sending forth clouds of death and his very touch seemed to suck out my life.

Eventually we struck the final blow but the malevolent creature had one last surprise as he exploded in a miasma of dark bile which sent Rhia to her knees and filled my lungs with a terrible stench that I will remember until my dying day. But, with that the battle was over.

We searched his ramshackle home and found a more of his insane ramblings. The others took a greater interest in it than I and we found several pieces of information about Trucify’s plots against the Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits. With these papers it might be possible to stop the Civil War and save Tanelorn!

But, there isn’t much time and we have to travel far to accomplish our goals. I don’t see a bath in my future anytime soon.


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