Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)

h4 Dwarf Reconciliation

After the terrible battle with the vengeful Trucify we gathered the information from his house and now have at our fingertips the means to end the Civil War in Tanelorn. If we manage to pull this off I bet they invite me to be a Gray Druid! I can hardly wait.

We decided to head first to the Iron Distribution Center outside of Tanelorn City and confront the dwarves with our information. It took a week of travel to get to town and when we arrived there was some vacillation in the group about going to the Gray Lord or Captain Masassa before taking on the Dwarves.

So we went into to the city but found it largely an unhappy place with glowering factions unwilling to mingle and we could not find the captain and were not admitted into the Gray Lord’s home. So we returned to the Iron Distribution Center and confronted the dwarves.

We tried to talk our way into the center but tempers were running high and the presence of a full blooded orc, Horus and a half-breed orc, Rhia assured that battle was quickly joined.

Rhia rushed to the front to engage the Priest of Moradin while Horus shouted out a bold challenge drawing the enemy into his whirling blades. I decided to summon forth my Spirit Fox to aid Rhia while Rambledon sniped from range as usual. It was a fairly short affair as Horus made quick work of his foes and soon we stood triumphant on the field of battle.

The ease of our victory was apparently the result of heavy infighting among the dwarves for when we entered the compound there was a mini-war going on. It took us a while but we found the leader of the loyal dwarves and managed to show him our information.

We then escorted him to the rebel camp and managed to talk them out of attacking us while the two sides negotiated. I was worried the entire rebel force was going to swoop down upon us but just at the crucial moment an agreement was reached. It seems as if the Dwarves have seen reason and no longer plan to rebel!

The leader of the rebels claimed to be working under the orders from a High Priest sent from Craggen Steep.

With the Dwarves in line we decided to head quickly north to the realm of Alianus and hopefully have as much luck with the Elves as we did with the Dwarves.

Elf Reconciliation

On our way north we ran across the homestead of Sir Pedlow and his extended family. They seem to have taken in everyone from the region and are now feeding and clothing them during the crisis. All the men were out on patrol but we spoke with Sir Pedlow’s wife, Shavala and she informed us that the only thing preventing the Orcs from rising in armed rebellion was the fact that the prominent Scar Blackheart refused to join them.

Because we were heading to the Elf lands we decided to speak with the elf woman Apple to get advice. She suggested finding her brother as he is a man of some influence in the region.

Sadly, I did not see the pretty, although petulant, little Redjonnie who is certain to grow up a beauty.

After our visit we continued north and within a few days found ourselves in the enchanting Elf Woodlands. We were only a few hours into the region when a group of the arboreal archers launched a surprise attack.

The battle was particularly difficult as our enemies were high up in the trees and we spread out our forces each attacking a different group of ambushers. Things looked grim for a time and little Rambledon had so many arrows sticking out of his armor I thought certain he would be killed. Rhia was likewise peppered and I used all my healing skill as did the Paladin and our ever stout Priest of Davim, Josephus. After what seemed an endless fight we finally took the upper hand when Horus charged across the river and went through the remaining archers like a scythe through a field of wheat.

Upon the conclusion of the battle we asked about Halavar and the Elves seemed to recognize the name although refused to give us any information and made some rather disparaging remarks about the dwarves and orcs in our party.

Apparently news of our victory traveled quickly because only a few hours down the road the man himself suddenly appeared on the trail. Halavar strongly resembles his sister having the same green hair. We showed him our evidence and managed to convince him to join our cause but only after a lengthy discussion that involved attempting to keep up with the fleet footed elf as he bound from tree to tree.

I overheard him speaking with some other elves and it appears that Halavar is the son of the king and a Prince. This of course means that Apple or Appolonia as we now know is her full name, is a Princess. I found this particularly interesting because it is clear her marriage to the dwarf Strombolt must have been one of the important catalysts in forging the alliance between Tanelorn and Alianus.

We now plan to race back to Tanelorn City and speak with Scar Blackheart. Horus thinks that if we can convince the orc to take back his birthright as a scion of the Blackrose Clan he might be able to sway enough Orcs to put an end to the rebellion once and for all.


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