The Fall of Borrombo

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider

Scar Blackheart

After settling our business with the Elves of Alianus we rushed back to Tanelorn to confront the Orc known as Scar Blackheart in the hopes of convincing him to take a leadership position over his people and persuade them to support the Gray Lord.

Still rather ripe from the road we rushed straight to the Horse and Goat tavern and a group of belligerent orcs out front who refused to let us pass. They died soon thereafter.

Inside we found Scar locked in his room and refusing to discuss the matter. I suppose he was sick and tired of being asked by the various factions to support their cause but we eventually managed to get him to open the door.

He listened patiently to our arguments and after a lengthy discussion agreed to speak out about supporting the Gray Lord rather than letting each Orc decide for themselves what to do. Finally he agreed to speak with Jane Gray about a position of leadership within the realm.

With all three of the major rebellious factions soothed things quickly calmed down and after a few more days all talk of Civil War seemed to end. We took a few days to rest and relax after a busy last few months. I hope that our part in the reconciliation of the factions will be remembered and perhaps someone will invite me to be a Gray Knight.

Borrombo Pays a Call

Just when we though all matters were successfully resolved the jolly dwarf Jellybean showed up at our doors apparently quite upset. He claimed the big Orc Adusko somehow found an artifact that might allow him to reconstitute the foul Trucify Brinkus. Looking back on it I should have suspected a trap immediately as Adusko was actively working against Trucify in order to take over the Plunging Blade Cult but at the time I simply rushed forward with the rest. Only Josephus seemed to sense a trap of some sort. Thinking back about the events of the last year I remembered that we first met Jellybean at the Golden Apple which was the heart of the cult and then he later turned up at a Gnoll religious ceremony not long before emissaries of the Rock Lord were scheduled to arrive for a negotiation. He gave the long speech that distracted us at Sir Arturo’s fortress and allowed the traitorous Sir Melbia to sneak off and perform the terrible ceremony that destroyed the place.

In any case, Jellybean led us outside of town and into the caves where we encountered a group of terrible scorpion beasts.

The battle was difficult as the creatures crawled along the walls and the priest blasted us with poison. My amulet gave me some protection against the sickly death and we eventually disposed of the creatures. Jellybean urged us on barely giving us a chance to catch our breath and we soon found ourselves in a large cave overlooking a long drop to a stream below. This is where Jellybean revealed his true colors. He asked us to join him in trying to other throw Tanelorn and in particularly Jon Gray.

Borrombo’s words were persuasive but in the end we could not bring ourselves to betray Tanelorn and the battle was on. I rushed forward and pushed Jellybean, or Harrowham as he called himself, who plunged over the precipice to the waters below.

Before we could check to see if the big dwarf survived the approaching footsteps of enemies distracted us.

It was a long and terribly difficult battle with elf archers doing considerable harm with their precise shooting. The healing powers of Josephus, myself, and Misrael al Halladun were tested to the maximum and the narrowness of our victory was so small that I cannot truly describe how close to death we all came in that cave. I do not enjoy thinking about it, the treacherous Jellybean, or his words about the greater good. I can only hope we picked the right side.

Now, our enemies are truly defeated and we can rest in victory. Upon or return to the city we found that there was a large rally planned for the next day at the Gray Wall where it was suspected that Jane Gray would be announced as the heir to Tanelorn and she would appoint a demi-human as her chief advisor.


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