Another Apparition

Point of View (Rambledon Hilltopple)

With the Civil War threats behind us and a pocketful of silver things were definitely looking up for this hobbit and I spent the week mending, cleaning, cooking, and shopping to my heart’s content. Finally the morning of the big announcement came around and all of us headed over to the Gray Wall to hear it.

Rhia was looking quite fetching in a new outfit that showed off her feminine side while Horus looked rather dashing in a jaunty new hat. Josephus looked his dour self although with mended clothes, while little Misrael had shined his horns and looked as spry as a young lion cub.

There was a huge throng at the Gray Wall. I’ve never been around so many people in my life and it was a bit frightening in a strange way. Up on the podium were many of the dignitaries of Tanelorn including Jon Gray, Valary Gray, Jane Gray, Sir Pedlow Fivefist, the Gray Druid, Scar Blackheart, the beautiful Eladrin girl Dinea who we haven’t seen since we helped her out those many months ago, and many other important people I didn’t recognize.

Jane Gray came to the front of the stage and started to give a speech when suddenly the red haired girl appeared at the front of the stage and shouted out a terrible warning.

Everyone was stunned by this turn of events and eventually returned back to the city to think about what to do next. We talked with Captain Masassa but he didn’t have anything useful to say although thanked us for our offer to help.

That night a knocking on the door revealed the coachman for the Sitka Club who gave us an invitation from Madragus for that evening. I’m sure the reappearance of the Apparition has them quite excited.

The Sitka Club

We arrived at the club in a few minutes and found everyone from the previous encounter there except the funny little goblin Offo. Three of the guests had suggestions for how to proceed and we tried to convince them that we were the best choice for the job.

The Dorian man Apho’s Plan was to head north and find a Dorian tower in the Wild Wood but he didn’t seem to think we had enough magical knowledge to do the job. It didn’t help that Azraim decided not to join us at the meeting as he is our most powerful mage.

The Gray Knight Jervold’s Plan involved traveling south to the Black Helm Ruin to learn as much about the Girl in Glass as possible so as to help Jon Gray win her hand in marriage should she be rescued. He didn’t like the idea of us taking on the mission I think in part because he suspected that one of us might want to win the hand of the girl.

The beautiful elf girl Elana’s Plan was to head southwest to the village of Little Hill where there are apparently Dorian agents. We were to either spy on them or simply speak with them about their goals in the region. Elena smiled so prettily that I found myself all but begging for the job and she agreed to let us take it on.

Journey to Little Hill

The trip to Little Hill is reportedly a couple of weeks but mainly along the Ravenfall River so not particularly taxing. We headed out of Tanelorn to the big quay where boats await cargo and went looking for a ship.

We had three choices, the TheSandbar, the Raven’s Wing, and the Gray Ghost each with its own peculiarities and amenities. In the end we took the Sandbar and while rather cramped it proved more than adequate to the task.

After a week of travel we stopped at the shore of an old ruin said to belong to a warlord killed in single combat by the Gray Lord some fifty years ago and now inhabited by countless Ravens. We decided to do a little investigating and found almost nothing of interest although if I never see a raven again I’ll be quite pleased. The vicious birds fouled my clothes with stains and I’m not sure I’ll ever get the stench of their offal removed from them. Perhaps best to just throw my kit away as soon as I get somewhere I can purchase a new one.

A few days later we were anchored on a sandbar when a group of ruffians tried to extort money from the ship owner. Naturally we were having none of that and a terrific fight ensued.

After we killed a few of the bandits and some others ran away we found out they were just returning from the southern lands where they had been tasked with recruiting Dragonborn to the cause of Hestwing. We explained the new political situation to them, gave them their money back and a bit more, and then sent them on their way.

A few days later we parted company with the crew of the Sandbar and headed towards the town of Little Hill. Just into the hills we met up with a powerful miner named Gregor who was benefiting from the recent rainfall. He seemed a jolly sort and treated us to good food and drink after we helped him break up a big rock. He didn’t have much to say about the hamlet of Little Hill other than that it was just up the trail.

In the morning we will leave our new friend and try to find out about these Dorian visitors.


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