The Girl in Glass

Point of View (Azraim Melabidactus)

The Dorians

I had a fun time camping with Gregor and was sad to go after breakfast the next morning but everyone was in a hurry to get to the town of Little Hill. I hoped there would be fun things to do in town but it was a pretty boring dump with only a few buildings and most of them mud spattered hovels.

We got a room at a place called the Gold Run which was ok I guess. The meals were edible at least. Horus and Rhia went off to gamble while the rest of us stayed at the Gold Run to look for Dorians.

About two hours later Rhia came running back saying she found the Dorians staying at one of the gambling places. We then sat around watching them for a day and I was really bored.

The next day one of them talked to Horus while another came up to Josephus and we met up with them at dinner. There was a big fighter type named Laniatores, a magic user named Caddidae, and a tall guy named Tocculus. Everyone talked with them for hours and it was really, really boring. They kept yakking on and on about the stupid Girl in Glass, who, just so everyone knows, isn’t in glass!! Idiots.

Finally, someone woke me up to say the talking was over and we went outside where Rambledon saw some guys staking out the joint and tossed a shuriken. Now, this was more like it!

I cursed the leader of our foes and Horus and Rhia rushed forward to take them on. Everyone contributed to the fight and it was only a matter of a few seconds before we killed them off. The Dorians came rushing outside, too late of course, although Laniatores did seem disappointed not to get in on the killing. They had some papers on them about why they were here and some prayer booklet that seemed kinda cool.

I guess they were here to talk to or kill the Dorians because during battle they kept shouting out about “Death to the Girl in Glass” and “Death to the Dorians”. They got what was coming to them!

Back Home

So, that was that. We walked back to Tanelorn City and back to the Sitka Club and told Madragus what we found and he said thanks but didn’t even bother to offer us dinner. Last time I do work for that cheapskate!

So then it was time for some sleep at the house and the next few days went by without anyone bothering us until that old Gnoll lady came knocking at our door with pies! She said that her son asked her to come by and tell us about demons. She was actually kinda interesting although why the stupid orc wants us to know about Demons I can’t figure out.

Not long after that some super warrior dude from Stav’rol came by and told us another crazy story about the Girl in Glass, who, by the way, is not freaking in glass! Everyone’s got a story about her, that’s for sure.

Antonius said we should travel north with him to the barbarian lands to learn more about this Great Slaughter thing. I didn’t want to go but Misrael seemed all excited about it so we ended up going.

The Barbarian North

We loaded up the mules and off we went and it was long and boring. Once we left Tanelorn there isn’t much up there except snow, hills, and bushes. Yawn. Antonius seems like a real jerk and no one likes him much. I don’t know why we are following him at all. He is really stuck up about humans but here he is traveling with us so that doesn’t make much sense.

Anyway, it was snowing and we couldn’t see more than about fifty feet in front of us when the knight got all excited about some totem up ahead. While we were examining it a bunch of barbarian warriors suddenly attacked!

Rambledon got all alone while Rhia charged off by herself as well but Misrael smashed a bunch with a powerful spell and Horus did that thing where he yells real loud and everyone rushes over to attack him but gets bashed instead. It was a tough fight for sure but eventually we managed to put them all down.

Josephus made certain a couple of them survived like he always does and I guess we’ll talk to them when they wake up.


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