Tribes of the North

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

Dire Polar Bear

Our journey north with Antonius wore on my nerves considerably as the arrogant human insulted each of the demi-human races equally and incessantly. The world view of the men from Stavrol is worrying if this Sir Antonius is a typical example of their soldiers.

This development is truly frightening because it means that news of the events of the last year have traveled as far away as Stav’rol and these human warriors clearly have designs of their own on the Girl in Glass. I can only imagine what such plans might entail but it is certain they cannot be good for dwarves or any of the other races. I will pray to Davim for guidance although in my heart I already know that the soldiers of Stav’rol will aligned as our enemies in the coming struggle.

Further troubling is the obvious skill that Antonius has as a warrior. Hopefully this is not indicative of the general martial acumen of knights of his land. Such skill was again ably demonstrated as a great white bear launched a furious assault against us from out of the white landscape.

We managed to put the great beast down without too much trouble and little Rambledon delivered the killing blow with a well-placed shuriken.

Tribal Totems

After a few more nights on the cold plains we arrived at an ancient citadel fallen to ruin and Sir Antonius seemed to think this was the region that would prove his claims about the Great Slaughter and the role of the Dorians and the Girl in Glass in that supposed event.

Even as we approached, foul undead creatures emerged from the ruin and attacked. Horus and Rhia charged forward as is their want while I provided healing support from the rear while the little hobbit used his ranged attacks to great effect. Misrael’s little Spirit Fox proved invaluable as always both distracting our enemies and acting as a focus point for the powerful spells of his master.

Once we cleared the region of undead guardians we went inside and found a number of totems placed by the various tribes. They were all of animal ilk and we studied them closely as Sir Antonius claims their symbols prove the Great Slaughter and the ties between it, Doria, and the Girl in Glass.

I have to admit that the totems did seem to indicate a massacre of some kind occurred where demi-humans killed humans. It seemed to me there might have been two or more of the slaughters over a period of time. There was also strong indication of Dorian involvement in the attacks although there was nothing to suggest the Girl in Glass was in any way involved.

I suspect the Stav’rol rulers are using the Girl as Glass as an excuse to prosecute their wars against demi-humans more than anything else. Sir Antonius agreed to disagree with us and then took his leave while wishing us well in his typical arrogant fashion.

I will pray tonight and then we shall return to Tanelorn where who knows what will await us.


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