Session 33 – Strange Visitors

Perspective Horus Calmuck

Return Home

After we finally jettisoned the pompous Sir Antonius we began the long journey back to Tanelorn City managing to avoid any unpleasant entanglements with nomadic barbarians or wild beasts.

I am more than slightly disconcerted by the attitude shown by the erstwhile warrior and am considerably worried about what plans he and his countrymen have for the Girl in Glass. I rather imagine we shall be seeing more of the knight and his friends not too far into the future.

Githyanki Visitor

Upon our arrival back in Tanelorn city we found a note awaiting us. Rhia and Rambledon rushed off to the inn in question to learn more about the writer of the missive. They returned shortly thereafter both complaining of Dragonborn cuisine.

They dispatched Azraim to reconnoiter in their place although he seemed strangely hesitant to visit with his countrymen. I suspect he has an unfortunate history with the creatures which is a situation I am all too familiar with myself. The Dragonborn returned not too much later with no further information and it was simply a matter of inviting the man to the house for dinner and waiting to see what happened.

Esklit proved to be a Son of Gith concerned with the Girl in Glass. Word seems to have spread far and wide of her appearances and I suspect the various players in the game will continue to grow as time marches on. Esklit wanted us to join him in rescuing the girl because in his religious view she is destined to birth the reborn Emperor. He offered to take us through a portal to meet with a powerful creature imprisoned from ages past. This beast would confirm his story although we were warned that the journey might prove dangerous.

My stalwart companions were not in the slightest deterred by the threats and the next morning we met up with Esklit to the north of the city. After a short journey we found an ancient stone circle in decrepit condition. The Gith wizard produced a scroll and a few moments later we found ourselves standing before an impressive tower where a blue flame flickered from the upper turrets.

Esklit led the way to a magnificent red marble chamber where a group of flame creatures attempted to bar our way. We launched an attack against the beasts and overcame them after a fiery battle that left me rather scorched.

We then proceeded unto the further chamber to question the great fire beast inside. The creature confirmed Esklit’s notion to some degree although having been confined for such a lengthy period I’m not certain it provided reliable information.

The Gith Wizard urged us to make haste as the flame guardians reformed quickly and we left without getting further answers. Esklit then wished us well and informed us he would remain in the region should we desire further audience.

I’m not sure what the entire episode gained us but I suppose any knowledge about the Girl in Glass is useful. She is clearly the focal point of upheaval that threatens to arrive all too quickly.

Dorian Visitor

Not long after Esklit departed another stranger showed up at door. This time it proved to be our friend Tocculus the Dorian wizard in command of the group we encountered in Little Hill. He, like the others before him, wanted to enlist our aid in the conundrum of the Girl in Glass. According to Tocculus the girl is of Dorian heritage and should be returned to the City of Spiders when she is found so as to avoid others using her for their own nefarious ends.

He produced a strange totem apparently belonging to wizards of Tarlton known as Nomads of the Golden Worm. His mention of this organization seemed to set little Misrael into some sort of panicked state. The lad has mentioned in the past he was enslaved by terrible masters and it seems apparent to me that these Golden Worm Nomads are either said masters or at least associated with them in some way. Later events proved that Misrael has certain knowledge of their ways. Still, it is none of my business as he has proved a most able companion over the last year saving my life more than once.

Tocculus brewed some potent tea and after consuming it we found ourselves in a trance like state. The Dorian wizard escorted us out into the city where massive towers connected by skywalks loomed in all directions. Josephus asked if we were actually in Doria but the wizard denied this claiming it was how our minds and his pictured the city as we were in some sort of shared dream.

We followed him to a central park of some sorts where a group of attractive young women were watched over by rough looking soldiers who wore a uniform clearly not of Dorian design. Tocculus pointed out a pretty girl that did bear a striking resemblance to the girl who has twice now appeared at the Gray Walls of Tanelorn.

While we debated the vision a group of strange sparkling creatures descended upon us and we were immediately thrust into a terrible fight. Rambledon was nigh on slain in the first wave but eventually we dispersed the strange things.

After this attack Tocculus advised to begin chanting a return mantra as there were likely more of the creatures on the way. We followed his advice and after a few moments found ourselves back in the living room of our house. On the walls a group of strange little worms caught my attention although for a moment I thought them some left over hallucination brought on by the tea.

I was dispelled of this notion when Tocculus exclaimed that they were Wyrmlings of the Golden Sand and to arm ourselves. Misrael immediately began to cry out in great fear warning us not to allow them to attach to us.

Sadly Azraim was unable to follow this advice and three of the creatures immediately latched on him. He went down in a heap moments later but Josephus was there with healing spells to prevent a disaster.

Several of the creatures latched onto to me and Rhia and once attached caused strange effects both dazing and weakening me. The creatures were so small I didn’t think it would be much of a fight and held my best attacks in reserve but it quickly became apparent they were far more dangerous than I realized.

After a long battle we finally slew the things which left behind puddles of vile goo. Misrael seemed badly shaken by events but fought well enough despite his fear.

I cannot say with certitude what is in our future but it is clear to me the Girl in Glass holds the key to Tanelorn and perhaps the world. I am haunted by the image of Adusko arm and arm with the girl and I grow ever more fearful of the conclusion that destiny seems to be driving us towards.


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