Bone Circle

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

Some Real Work

After all the visitors it was nice to take some time off and relax in Tanelorn City enjoying the easy days and our hard earned coin. Things seem to be settling down in the city despite the dire prophecy of the Girl in Glass.

We did hear several rumors over the course of our week including increased activity among the Lizard Folk of the south, decreased action along the western border with the Rock Lord, and of course the upcoming Champion’s Battle where the Gnolls choose their leader for the coming year.

Eventually Captain Masassa sent us a note asking to come in and see him at the Militia Headquarters.

The captain wanted us to head north to the territories of the Gnolls and watch the Champion’s Battle and give a report on the next leader of the creatures. In the meantime he also said that an outside group of agitators was stirring up trouble at an ancient stone circle on the way and that we should let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they weren’t welcome in Tanelorn. The captain didn’t want to get official Gray Knights involved in the situation for some reason.

Naturally I was happy to get some action and I think Horus was as well. Little Misrael seems fully recovered from the shock he got from the worm creatures and was also eager for further adventure.

As we headed north a group of young half-Gnolls on juvenile griffons swooped out of the clear sky and foolishly attacked us. We dispatched the youngsters without much trouble.

Bone Circles

Another few days after that fight we came across a camp of strangers and figured they must be the ones causing trouble. Rather than attack the group immediately we circled around hoping to find the ancient stone ruin first. We arrived in time to see a bunch of demonic creatures feasting on the corpse of a mage. Apparently it was a summoning gone wrong. Misrael blasted them with his massive cloud of doom and we rushed in to take down the foul beasts!

It proved to be an easier battle than I supposed but as soon as we finished Misrael realized that the mage somehow activated the stone circle. Another group of demons burst through and in our weakened state the battle proved more difficult. Misrael spent the entire time trying to close the gate but the panicky little fellow couldn’t seem to get the words right. It was only when we finished off the reinforcements and Josephus lent a helping hand that the portal was closed.

It was in the nick of time as well because the soldiers we spotted earlier must have heard the commotion and came rushing at us in an organized line.

The warriors proved well-disciplined and lashed out with quick and accurate sword strikes sending Horus to his knees at one point. Luckily Josephus and I were able to heal up the big warrior quickly or we might have been in trouble. With Horus back to full strength we managed to put down our foes after a sharp battle.

We then searched the bodies and headed to their camp to try and find out more about them.

They were a motley band of adventurers all seeming to worship a sword like entity. After studying their gear we decided they were interested in the Girl in Glass and the summoning at the circle was some sort of attempt to get to her. We couldn’t determine exactly what they wanted but it seemed clear they were not interested in killing her. It is likely they want to take her back to their leader and use her for their own ends or the ends of this Single Sword they worship.

We were all exhausted after the difficult fights right in a row like that and decided to make camp at the site seeing as it was all setup for us. In the morning we head north to watch the Battle of Champions amongst the Gnolls. I’ve heard it is quite a spectacle and I’m looking forward to the fun!


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