Sword of Kings

Point of View: (Rambleton Hilltopple)

Icarus’s Allies

The Champion’s Battle gathering proved to be everything and more that I had hoped it would be. I’ll have to tell my brother to set up a tent next year because there is certainly profit to be made here. If I hadn’t abandoned my past as a trader I’d be sorely tempted to give up this dangerous adventuring and make a year’s worth of profit in this gala affair. Still, I’d feel bad leaving Misrael as the lone little fellow with our hard headed companions Horus, Rhia, Josephus, and crazy Azraim.

After the young Gnolls attacked us and we found the note it was decided to head to the cave where Icarus’s allies were waiting. We need to find out as much as possible about that Gnoll and prevent him from claiming the title of champion. I’m not sure what happened to make his hatred of Tanelorn so intense but it is clear if he becomes champion there will be war.

The Gnoll lands are barren in comparison to Tanelorn whose lush landscape is tended by caretakers regularly while these lands seem to reflect the violent and capricious nature of the Gnolls. There are no pleasant stands of woods or quiet little villas to be found, just burned out houses, small heavily defended family compounds, and used up resources left to rot. We must not allow the Gnolls to overrun the paradise that the Gray Lord has somehow fashioned out of this wilderness.

We headed north to the site of the cave as indicated on our looted map and a group of heavily armored demi-humans attempted to block our away as we crossed a creek.

They turned out to be powerful looking Gnolls but far more organized and dangerous than any we have faced in the past. If these are the allies of Icarus then the young Gnoll has a better chance of taking the crown that I suspected. Hopefully we will find out more about these allies of the Marrowind Family and prevent their ascension to power in Grelm.

We next found a hilly region with a number of caves and spent several hours going from one to the next. We eventually found the correct site and disposed of the demonic guardians and witch women inside.

What we found indicated these Gnolls worshipped Arioch the Knight of Swords which might mean that demon is aligned with Icarus. Garrata, the mother of Adusko, came to us not long ago with information about the demons the Gnolls worship. The terrible warrior clearly knows more about the situation than I suspected and possibly hopes to enlist us as allies. I find the very site of Adusko makes me want to empty my bladder and the idea of working with him to further his ends, even if they align with ours, is something I cannot fathom.

Also at the site we found information indicating the demon worshippers stole the symbol of power in Grelm, the Sword of Kings, from its secure location and replaced it with a replica. I assume they want to then bestow the sword upon Icarus no matter the outcome of the Champion’s Battle. Luckily they left behind instructions on where the real sword was taken and after resting for the evening we headed out in search of it.

Rhia urged caution as once we recover the sword returning it to its rightful owners will be a delicate matter. We are from Tanelorn and to be seen interfering in the Champion’s Battle might not look good. I’m sure the the captain doesn’t want us doing anything to destabilize relations between Grelm and Tanelorn. But, I suppose we will cross that bridge when it comes.

The Sword of Kings

The journey to the site where the sword is stashed took us across more barren landscape and we witnessed an example of the barbarity of the Gnolls a few hours into the journey. A group of Gnolls, probably a family unit on its way to the Champion’s Battle, was ambushed robbed and killed. By the time we arrived the scavengers were hard at work and we dispersed the vile things after a sharp battle.

Later, as we approached the house in question a group of Gnolls leapt out from ambush and attempted to prevent our entry. They only served to slow us down and give the denizens of the house a chance to fortify the place.

I managed to fire a shuriken into a window killing one of the guardians and then Rhia burst through another window while Horus broke open the front door. A scrambling fight ensued where orcs with fire bags, archers, and a terrible demonic hyena all took their toll on us. At one point Rhia become badly isolated and without the healing of Josephus and Misrael I think she might have been done for.

Eventually we finished off our foes but not before the house itself was heavily engulfed. We managed to find the Sword of Kings and a few other items including a beautifully wrought steel shield that Josephus snatched up before fleeing the inferno.

Now we must determine how to return the blade to its rightful owners without stirring up more trouble.


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