A New Mission

Point of View (Josephus Sunspite)

The Burning House

By the Light of Davim we somehow survived the turmoil of the demonic worshipping Gnoll realm of Grelm although I’m not sure how it came to pass. The vile creatures are now ruled by a fanatical beast bent on destroying Tanelorn.

I’m fairly hopeful that the chaos loving things will never be able to organize a dangerous attack on the Gray City but if this Icarus and his demon-Gnoll allies are able to rally their people to the cause I don’t know how the brave Gray Knights and Gray Druids can withstand the onslaught of such numbers.

I said a prayer to Davin the great Bringer of Light upon crossing over the border into Tanelorn and I hope that we can stay here for some time to come. Not long into our journey we spotted smoke on the horizon and found a group of the demon worshippers trying to burn out a small family farm.

We disposed of the creatures fairly quickly with Horus and Rhia using their blades to good effect. My new shield provides excellent cover and I am less leery of wading into combat with it. Perhaps it is merely a psychological advantage but I feel certain that Davim himself arranged for me to have it. Praise be to the Holy Light that is Davim.

Headquarters Attacked

We spent the rest of our journey in relative luxury enjoying the pastoral landscape of Tanelorn. I warned everyone we came across that the new leader of the Gnolls was belligerent to Tanelorn and that war might well be on the horizon.

When we got back to Tanelorn City we went directly to the Militia Headquarters and reported to Captain Masassa. He was glad for the news although as skeptical as I that the Gnolls would ever be able to mount a coordinated attack.

As we discussed the events of the Champion’s Battle there was a huge commotion from outside his office and we all rushed to see what was going on.

There was a terrible group of hellish deathly beasts all over the headquarters and Gray Knights were engaged on all sides. I tried to stay by the side of the captain thinking it might be an assassination attempt of some kind and we were able to overcome our foes thanks in no small part to the Power of Davim whose light scattered their essence.

Afterwards the markings on the corpses suggested Gnoll origins and the worship of three of their demonic gods. This combination working together does not bode well and I think even the captain was somewhat shaken by events. That the Gnolls are already capable of striking to the heart of Tanelorn in a coordinate fashion with multiple demonic priests working together is an ill omen indeed. May Davim guide us.

To the Rock Demesne

After the battle we went back to our little house and waited for further word from the captain. It was almost two weeks later when the taciturn Sergeant Coldhand showed up at our door and summoned us back to the headquarters in his own loquacious style.

Back with the captain he informed us that there would be military maneuvers along the border with the Rock Lord over the next few weeks and if there was an enterprising young band of men and women who wanted to cross over into the rocky lands and learn information about the plans of the creatures this would seem to provide an excellent opportunity. We took the hint.

Our journey to the border was spiced by a meeting with Sir Milus Turngate who is married to one of the daughters of Sir Pedlow Fivefist. He is a rough fellow to say the least and is taking part in the maneuvers. He made some excellent suggestions about what we would need to take into the Rock Lands and a good time to make the crossing.

We then camped near the Rock Wall that divides the nations and waited for an opportunity to cross. While waiting a group of Stone Birds flew over us and immediately attacked.

It was not a difficult fight but the strange creatures are disturbing on many levels. I can’t imagine a worse fate than to be infected by the awful disease that destroys flesh in such a way.

I’m sure Davim will guide me, but this latest mission of ours seems extraordinarily dangerous.

Praise be Davim.


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