Rock Fort

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

Across the Border

After the rock birds attacked us we stayed in the area and watched the movement of the Rock Lord’s border patrol and got a good idea of their patterns. After spending so much time in the Gnoll lands it was pleasant to see the orderliness of their movements. It also made slipping across the border an easier task.

We timed our move to coincide with military maneuvers by the Gray Knights and got across with incident.

Barren Landscape

The lands of the Rock Lord are not barren but are extremely strange. All of the plants and creatures are a sort of living stone including the grass and insects. The landscape is plain and barren although we found a nicely built road leading into the realm.

After a short discussion we decided not to head up the road but instead move cross country to avoid any Rock Creatures that might use the thoroughfare. As we crossed the barren landscape we came across a region filled with large boulders. At our approach some of them suddenly unfolded and revealed themselves as rock creatures. It was a difficult fight and one of the beasts did considerable damage to me but Josephus was at the ready with his healing magic.

After a lengthy fight we finally destroyed the creatures. When we looked around we found that they were dug into the ground for some reason although we could not determine exactly why this was the case.

The Fort

After more travel we came across a fort guarded by Rock Creatures in the turrets. It is there that we will find out information about the plans of the Rock Lord if anywhere so we made preparations for an assault.


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