Rock Schemes

Point of View (Horus Calmuck))

The Fort

After studying the sentries at the Rock Fort for some time little Rambledon came up with the idea of sneaking into the place over the walls and opening the gate. I thought I’d provide a distraction on the other side of the wall but then Misrael hit upon an exceptional plan.

The Rock Creatures seem unable to react to unexpected stimuli and he thought if we covered ourselves with gray dust we might convince them to simply open the gate at our request. Rhia and I then busied ourselves grinding the plentiful gray rock available into dust while Rambledon applied it to us with the skill of a seasoned theater artist.

Things went well initially but a strange creature inside the fort appeared capable of independent thought and immediately sounded the alarm once we penetrated the outer defenses. A melee ensued in which we disposed of the intelligent rock creature first.

Azraim blasted one of our foes from the parapet with his breath weapon which proved a valuable action. The sentries had potent ranged weapons and inflicted serious harm from their superior position atop the wall. I maneuvered to one corner and drew a group of them to me with my “Come and Get It” attack. I must say I’ve grown overly fond of that tactic although it does put me in harm’s way. Luckily Josephus is always there with the healing power of Davim.

The battle proved quite difficult and the ranged weapons of our foes did Rhia and I serious damage causing a moment of consternation as both of us suffered grievous wounds. Misrael’s Spirit Fox moved close and provided relief and Rhia’s own Paladin healing powers helped as well.

Eventually we disposed of the last of our enemies and took the fort.

We immediately began an exhaustive search hoping to find evidence of the Rock Lord’s plans against Tanelorn. In this we proved moderately successful. The Rock Lord is clearly scheduling an invasion in conjunction with the Gnolls of Grelm but said coordination is apparently proving difficult to manage. The chaotic nature of the Gnolls does not seem to integrate well with the more structured life of the Rock Creatures.

After we finished searching, Misreal climbed one of the towers and looked over the landscape just in the nick of time as a mixed group of Rock Creatures and Gnolls approached the gate. Rhia and I rushed forward to close the portal but powerful rocky beasts met us. Happily Josephus unleashed a tremendous blast of fire that decimated their front lines and we closed the gate without trouble.

I then rushed to the turret and leapt down amongst our enemies laying waste to them with my blade. In the other turret Rhia, Azraim, and Misrael’s Spirit Fox battled a pair of winged rock beasts.

Rambledon and Josephus joined me in my sally and we battled the last of the foes who proved to be an excellent Gnoll bladesman. Our overwhelming superiority in numbers soon wore the creature down and we finished him off.

We decided to evacuate the fort post haste because more and larger relief forces might arrive at any time. The linked Gnoll and Rock Beast formation troubled me to say the least. It is clear they are now working together to form a cohesive military alliance. We decided to head further into the Rocky Lands in the hopes of discovering more about this strange union.

Lizard Allies

As we traveled down the smooth road of the Rock Lord’s demesne it proved more and more difficult to keep track of one’s sense of direction. The plainness of the landscape is dizzying and I fear we may become lost. Misrael, always practical, suggested laying down arrows made from broken stones frequently to make certain our direction remained true.

We traveled in this disturbing landscape for two long days and then encountered a group of Lizardfolk coming up the other way. Initially we hoped to reason with them but they launched immediately into an attack.

Little Rambledon rushed forward and took on the leader and moments later lay on the ground. I feared him dead but Misrael’s Spirit Fox moved close and healed him while Josephus did the same for Rhia and I who also took considerable damage from the potent attacks of our foes.

Fortunately, at this point the leader of the Lizardfolk recognized our fleshy nature and immediately called off the surviving members of his band. Isshak told us a lengthy story that indicated a large faction of his people were in alliance with the Rock Lord.

This bodes most ill and seems to indicate that the attack on Tanelorn will now come from three fronts instead of two. The Lizard Priest also told us that joint Gnoll/Rock Beast military maneuvers were occurring not far ahead and we decided to investigate.

We also relayed the information about the fort to Isshak and his allies and they planned to go there in the hopes of finding evidence of Rock Lord schemes against their people.

If this news proves accurate then I am greatly concerned for the survival of the Gray Lord’s lands. If attacked on three sides their only hope lies with the Orcs of the Five Nations. If the Orcs can somehow be convinced to join Tanelorn in battle they might have a chance. But, I know my people well and convincing all five tribes to vote unanimously is no simple task. The last time the nations flew the Banner of Five was long before I was born and only a few of the elders still remember those days.


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