Point of View (Misrael al Halladun)


The others think the Rock Land is really scary but I think it’s a lot of fun! Everything is a rock, which is pretty bizarre, but the other day I sat and watched a little rock dragonfly for like half an hour and at night these little creepy crawly rock shrew things come out and wander around. The trees and even the blades of grass are rocks. I can see why the Gray Druids hate the place so much because what was done to the poor animals.

After talking with that nice Lizardman Priest, Isshak, Rhia, Horus, Rambledon, and I wanted to investigate the army fighting to see if the Gnolls and the rock creatures might really be dangerous to Tanelorn. Josephus voiced caution as usual and suggested just getting out of the rock lands while the getting was good. He does have a point but I voted with the rest.

We snuck up on the camp and little Rambledon got us to a spot where we watched for a long time. It was pretty comical watching the rock creatures and the Gnolls trying to coordinate. Horus couldn’t stop laughing and it was obvious even to me that the two just don’t have enough in common to make any sort of joint attacks. That is good news for Tanelorn!

We also spotted more of those rock creatures that apparently have intelligence and they tried to coordinate the activity. At night they went to the same tent as some of the Gnoll leaders and we decided to sneak up on it and learn more.

Again, little Rambledon’s stealthy ways proved invaluable and we managed to get right up to the tent without trouble. They spoke in the language of Grelm, which I learned, so it was good I went along. I love learning new languages in all these new places. I’ve noted a commonality to them, which is somewhat strange but perhaps related to the Old Empire in some way. Maybe that is something fun I can do when I get older, try and write a treatise on languages!

Listening in on the conversation it seemed clear the intelligent rock creatures and the Gnoll leaders also concluded that joint maneuvers were beyond them. The plan seems to be to invade Tanelorn from Grelm and then when the Gray Knights and Gray Druids react the rock creatures attack from the west and drive straight to Tanelorn City and tear down the Gray Wall.

They also talked a little about the Lizardfolk but not much so we don’t know their role in the plan.

We stayed just a bit too long and some sentries spotted us. It didn’t look good with all of us surrounded by a thousand or more enemies so we just ran! It was kind of cool fleeing instead of fighting and my Spirit Fox did a really good job of sort of blocking the bad guys and letting us get away. Anytime one of them looked like he might get close enough to hit us I just plopped Ol’ Foxy down and they attacked him instead. Once he got dispelled I called him back to do it again!


After the escape from camp we all agreed that heading back to Tanelorn was the best strategy. Sadly, the rock creatures seemed to recognize our plan and sent up so many patrols in the region we had to turn south. It’s actually a pretty neat thing because now we have to go through Drak’val the home of the Lizardfolk. Now I’ll have a chance to do further study on the linguistics of the region!

On the way we battled several groups of rock creatures trying to prevent us from crossing the border including some strange half-flesh creatures.

And some half-flesh wizards.

Naturally, we killed them all and the way to the border looks open from here. It looks like we’ll make it without further difficulty!


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