Emerald Snake Clan

Point of View (Azraim Melabidactus

Leaving the Rock Lands

Stupid rock lord and stupid rock lands. I’m glad we’re finally leaving because this place is so boring I thought my brain would explode and there are no pies!

Luckily some morons tried to stop us from crossing the border so we killed them all. There was some Gray Knights and that stupid elf kid who worked with what’s his name, Bestdog Hindagus before they all got banished from Tanelorn. I suppose this means we have to deal with that idiot again. Oh well, maybe we’ll get to kill him this time.

Emerald Snake Tribe

So once we got into the swamps, which remind me of home actually, we found a bunch of Black Ibis tribesman attacking a group of Emerald Snake tribesmen. We’re supposed to friends with the green snake folks so we went to help them, which meant we got to kill things, which mean I’m happy!

After we killed all the Black Ibis folks we shacked up with the Emerald Snake people who at first didn’t even want to trust us. How stupid is that? We just saved all of them and then they are all like, get out, so that was dumb and I didn’t even want to talk to them but everyone else was all, “we’re your friends”, “we should be nice to each other”, gagorama.

Eventually all their crying and whining worked I guess because we got to stay overnight.

The next day at first light a bunch of Snapping Turtle warriors ambushed us and the leader, a Snap Warrior darn near took Horus’s head clean off! It would have been kinda funny to see him flopping around all headless but Josephus and Misrael healed him real fast.

It was a tough fight with the trained snapping turtles and the warriors but we killed them all in the end and then ate the turtles. Yummy turtle soup!

After that the lizardmen figured it was best to move to a new camp so off we went. As we traveled the others spent time talking to the tribesmen and learned some interesting stuff about this Sakatha fellow. He’s real important to them, I remember that from my days living around here but I’ve never been much for religion, blowing things up is more my style!

Everyone now seems to think we have to find and get rid of Bestdog or whatever his name is to prevent the lizards from invading Tanelorn. I don’t see why really, invasion means lots of fighting and I’m all for that!

Anyway, as we were walking along we ran across a lizarddude priest and a bunch of zombie things. It was another sweet fight and we killed them all. Well, I guess zombies are already dead sort of, so we re-killed them.

After that we decided to try and find a safe place to make further plans. I’m not much for planning personally and things seem to work out ok, but I’ll sit quiet while the morons go blah blah blah blah blah.


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