Session 43 – Swamp Fighting

Point of View (Rhia Buffalorider)

On the Run

We shacked up with the Lizard Folk of the Emerald Snake for a few days and tried to avoid any more encounters with those tough Snapping Turtle clan fellows as we made our way to the center of the realm. The thinking seems to be that we should attempt to assault the main force of the Black Ibis and Hestwing.

The young warrior of the tribe is keen to avenge his father and brothers in violent combat although I’m not certain we have the strength to head directly to the citadel and challenge the ruling caste. No one seems to have any better ideas so I guess that is the plan.

On the second day of travel we came across a Priest of Sakatha traveling with about fifty zombies in tow. It was a lovely fight as the zombies proved easy to kill but the priest was much tougher. The big problem was that he kept raising his zombie minions in our back ranks where they did serious damage to Josephus and Azraim. Eventually we managed to kill the fellow and take his stuff.

This battle seemed to embolden the young leader of the tribe even more as to our combat abilities and he continued to insist on a direct route to the capital of Drak’val.

We traveled another day in the swamps and then another group of undead creatures attacked us. This time they proved to by ghoulish in nature and their awful bite prevented my movement around the field. This left little Rambledon and the others on their own to some degree. It was another tough fight but in the end we prevailed.

After this battle Josephus and Misrael spoke with the high priest of the tribe and learned that Hestwing went to several ancient temples of Sakatha before he managed to convert the leaders of the Black Ibis tribe to the undeathly aspect of Sakatha.

We then somehow managed to convince the young leader of the lizard folk that we should investigate these temples before we took on the leaders of the Black Ibis in combat. The high priest agreed to show us to the last place Hestwing visited before he managed to convert the lizard folk to his point of view.

The Temple of Sakatha

This time we headed south deeper into the swamp and it was tough going. Without the excellent guidance of our lizard folk friends I’m not sure we would have made it. They know these swamps inside and out and I can see why they still control them. I can’t imagine any army that could successfully attack such a place.

After a couple of days of travel we encountered a more natural enemy in flying creatures that suck the blood of their victims. Judging by the small size of the critters, I assumed that the battle would be easy but when five of things latched on to me and began to drain me dry all such thoughts quickly left my head.

It was an extremely difficult battle and Rambledon and Misrael managed to fall into the same watery hole and that limited our attacks. In the end, thanks to the generous healing provided by Josephus we downed all the creatures and continued on towards the temple.

More miserable days went by as we trudged through the swamp but eventually the lizard folk led us to our destination. We suspected that the temple might be guarded and sent Rambledon ahead to scout it out. He spotted another group of those Snapping Turtle warriors and doped out their patrol routines. Then Misrael came up with a plan of attack.

We took out the first sentry group fairly easily and then rushed to the next but things got a little confused and the Snap Warrior of our enemies darn near killed Azraim with a single blow. Luckily he is light on his feet and dashed away.

We killed all of our foes and took the temple grounds.

Now we must search the temple and see if we can find what it is Hestwing discovered that allowed him to convince the Black Ibis and other tribes of Drak’val to support his schemes.


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