Session 44 – High Council

Point of View (Rambledon Hilltopple)

The Temple of Sakatha

After we killed all those Snapping Turtle fellows it was time for me to come into my element, as we needed to search the strange temple for signs of what Hestwing and his cronies discovered about Sakatha.

The place was a total mess but after I applied my expert eye to the situation we quickly discovered that Hestwing spent most of his time in one region. We pulled aside some camouflage that might have fooled someone with less expertise than myself and found a portal.

At this point I turned over the effort to the magical experts, Azraim and Misrael. It took them a bit to figure it out and even Josephus helped and eventually they deciphered the script and into the portal we went.

The transport took us in close to a large magical circle where a terrible demonic creature awaited. The circle seemed to be degenerating and one of us kicked a loose stone, which finished the process, and the creature was free.

Horus and Rhia rushed forward as did Misrael’s Spirit Fox while the rest of peppered the creature from afar with magic and missile weapons. Our aim was true and the beast, perhaps disorientated by his long imprisonment, did not do as well. We managed to send him back to whatever hell he came from in only a few seconds.

We found an iron plaque near the demon creature that indicated that the Usurper imprisoned the beast long ago with the intention that it would eventually free itself. Strange indeed.

Further in the dungeon I discovered an old stone circle that seemed to relate to the worship of Sakatha and the death cult of his emergence. Upon close examination we found that someone recently altered the stones. It was impossible to determine their original intent but it is quite clear that Hestwing and his associates altered them with a plan to cull the support of the Black Ibis Tribesmen.

As we continued to move through the temple we found an old set of statues of Sakatha and some dragons that again seemed to feature the death aspect of the great Lizard Lord. Once again a close examination proved things subtly altered.

With this information we should be able to convince at least some of the Lizard Folk elders to abandon support of the Black Ibis Tribe. We simply must show the changes to the leaders and hope they come to the correct conclusion.

On the way out of the temple Horus found an old statue of a giant rat and got himself into a little bit of a brawl. Misrael and I were examining the strange skeletal fence at the time and arrived in time to put the final victory touches on the strange rat creatures and their leader.

The High Council

Back on the surface we explained what we found to the Emerald Snake leaders and they immediately went to work in an attempt to gather the elders of the other tribes.

Several days went by as the Lizard Folk began to trickle in and we took the time to take each one of them through the underground area and show them the tampered stones and statues.
With many of the elders gathered, but not all, we found ourselves under attack by forces loyal to the Black Ibis clan. They probably heard about our plans and infiltrated the site over the last few days. I don’t know why they were foolish enough to launch their assault at this moment but it’s wise to assume of those who live by the sword aren’t always the deepest of thinkers.

After we dispatched this little uprising we waited for the last of the lizard folk to arrive and began to make our appeal.

Josephus spoke eloquently as did Rhia and I think we convinced a number of the leaders to back off of their support of the Black Ibis tribe although I am not certain we convinced them to engage in outright rebellion. I think we had even less success explaining that the Staff of Sakatha is better off in the hands of the Gray Lord than in their own.

This means that despite all our good work it is likely that at least some of the Lizard Folk plan to continue the invasion scheme against Tanelorn.

Some of the leaders did reveal the location of Hestwing and his cronies and perhaps we can teach that traitorous bastard another lesson on way back to Tanelorn.


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