Session 45 – Murdered

Point of View (Azraim Melabidactus)

Back to Tanelorn

So after everyone sat around yacking and yacking and yacking and yacking the stupid lizards mostly decided that the one tribe shouldn’t be leading but, good news, the war is still on. They still want that Staff of Sakatha that the Gray Lord has.

As we finally left the meeting another group of them attacked but we killed them pretty quick. Now that we know about that Snap Attack me and Rhia teamed up on the Snap Master and killed him quick.

After that we decided to find that dumb-dumb Bestdog Hardabard or whatever his name is. We walked for a couple of days and finally got to some dry land which was nice after all the water of the lizard realm. I didn’t mind as much as some of the others and poor Misrael al Halladun never saw so much water in his life. He says he’s from a desert but I don’t even know what that is.

Anyway, we finally ran into what’s his name and his friends and got into a big fight.

It didn’t take us long to kill them all except Bestdog who surrendered and claimed he wasn’t doing anything that he wasn’t supposed to do. He used a bunch of big words but Rambledon wasn’t buying any of it and wanted to kill him. We took a vote and only Rhia didn’t want to kill him. So, then she was the one who took him out with a blade to the chest and stole his girlfriend’s diamond engagement ring. I guess I don’t much understand girls, maybe they’ll make more sense when I get older. Stupid Josephus promised Bestdog a proper burial so that was a lot of work.

After that we headed north to Tanelorn!

Wrangling of Gray

We crossed the border with no trouble, sadly, and headed north. We met up with a couple of druids, one an orc and the other a northman who talked to us for a while. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There was a lot of talk about the Five Nations and holding a council but I couldn’t follow it at all because it was really boring.

After we ditched those losers we traveled for another week or so and finally got back to the city. We went to see the captain and reported what we found. He invited us to give the same report to the Gray family at dinner that night so they made get dressed in nice clothes and even take a stupid bath.

Josephus did most of the talking at the dinner thing, where they didn’t even offer me a drink, and then everyone started arguing about what to do.

This time it was talk that actually made sense. They wanted to make a strategy for the invasion. There were three main ideas. This one young dude who was a friend of Jon Gray thought they should get the army together and attack the Gnolls as soon as they crossed the border and also to get the Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves to field their troops as well. But the other old dudes said that was too aggressive and wanted to wait until the invasion started. Finally Jane Gray, her boyfriend, and another dude wanted to position troops at the little forts all over Tanelorn.

The other son, Valary, was all that plan is good but the other one makes sense but I’m not going to say to do anything and you decide. Typical magic user mumbo-jumbo.

The stupid Gray Lord just sat there not saying anything until everyone started talking bad about Jon and then he got kinda mad and everyone shut up. After the Gray Lord was all “I trust Jon to do the right thing” which proves the old knucklehead is losing his brain Lady Gray told us we could go. Which is too bad because all that family fighting was getting pretty funny.

Outside the captain told us that he thought nobody would listen to Jon, good thing that, and that we should go to the Five Nations and try to convince the tribes to hold a council. He gave us some papers about the tribes and who to visit. He said because we weren’t official Gray Knights the Gray Druid dude couldn’t get mad at us. So we slept one night in town and then it was onto the road again. I hope we get back in time for the war!

To Hram’da

We saddled up the ponies and headed east. The brains, and I use that term loosely, of the group decided to visit Hram’da first because they are next to the Gnolls and the most warlike of the tribes. The plan is that they will call the Council or whatever to try and get the orcs to vote on being one nation.

We rode for about a week or so and then we crossed a bridge a bunch of Gnolls attacked us! It was a great fight because they cut the rope on side of the bridge and we had to rush across while these winged dudes were trying to push us off and these archer guys pinned people.

Misrael managed to get on the other side and tie the thing off while me Josephus and Rambledon were fighting on the other side. Stupid Rhia got stuck in the middle of the bridge but Josephus helped her. The fat little dwarf was the last one across just as the bridge collapsed.

I thought he was a goner for sure but the he did this backflip spin move off the side and landed on his feet. I don’t like to say it or anything but it was pretty sweet. Even Rambledon was impressed.

After that this real pretty redheaded girl came out from the hills. Apparently she was helping us or something. It turned out she was the girl we rescued from that Golden Apple place like two years ago.

She told us what she was doing the last couple of years but only wanted to talk to Misrael that lucky bastard. He was the one who rescued her I guess but she was all chopped up and gross looking back then, who knew she was gonna turn out to be a babe? Life isn’t fair.


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